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EP. 07. How to make effective (and not annoying) YouTube videos

YouTube Ads
There sure are different ways of placing your ads in YouTube. But whatever you choose, one thing is for sure, don’t make it annoying.

Have you ever thought of how many videos are created and consumed in YouTube? In fact, you don’t have to know the exact figures but this one is for sure, the hours is massive. It’s even bigger than cables, satellites TV, or any other networks in the world. If thousands or even millions of people are watching videos on YouTube, most likely, your customers are there, too. Don’t you want to take advantage of that and get a piece of their time showing your ads right in from of them?

In this episode, David Counsell and David Pritchard talks about the in and outs of placing a YouTube ad. Are you aware that there are different types of ads you can place? You can even specify the target audience for your ads. But you too can lose money in Youtube, and that’s one thing you should be careful about. Get on board with their discussion and learn more on how you can place your ad. Just make sure that you don’t skip this and continue till the end.

In this Episode

01:56 In this episode, we’ll be talking about Advertising in Youtube
02:16 Do you know who owns YouTube?
02:38 Do you know how many videos are created and consumed within a month?
03:56 YouTube is even bigger than Netflix, or cable, or satellite TV or any television network in the world
04:02 Users have full control of what they want to view
04:41 Advertisers have a lot to take advantage of that viewership
05:02 YouTube is also a Social Media
05:39 As advertisers, you only pay for the frequency of your ads is viewed
06:21 YouTube is laser target
06:23 There is several ways how your ads can appear
06:56 The types of Ads in Youtube
07:37 Geo tagging in placing YouTube Ads
08:17 There are so many variations with YouTube Ads that you can combine
09:18 YouTube’s 5 second-rule and the Skip button
09:41 Cost counter in YouTube
11:14 How your YouTube Ads should look like
12:07 How do you place your call to action in the video
12:12 You don’t people not to click on your Ads
12:56 How to test and measure YouTube Ads?
13:08 TV is expensive and takes a longer period to produce
13:20 It is faster to put an ad in YouTube compare to television
14:07 YouTube is audio-visual so you have to take advantage of those 2 elements
15:22 Make sure that you focus on the benefits and not on the feature
15:48 What are weasel lines?
17:02 It is important that you pick the right format of YouTube ads
17:40 YouTube Ads can also have a negative effect on the user
18:15 Are you using the skip option for your ads or the compulsory play
19:14 How not to waste money in YouTube Ads
21:05 How effective is a Youtube ad at 3in the morning?
22:22 For Cinema advertisements, how can people remember it?
24:49 If you’re targeting for cinema advertising, what’s clever is to have the artist to appear on that
25:56 You can be specific with your ads and target audience based on their age, preference, location and others
26:47 Identify who your customers are and where they most likely watch
28:02 As sad as it may sounds, it has been accepted that people can now watch YouTube everywhere even during their meals
28:30 It can be a little easy to pay more in your YouTube Ads so you have to be careful
30:30 We are almost down for our Season 2 that’s why stay tuned of next week as we discuss on how to stitch all the topics we’ve had and combine them to an awesome marketing strategy
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