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Ep.14. You Don’t Need a Reversing Camera When Backing up and Updating Websites

Your website is not for safekeeping but should be kept safe.
Your website is not for safekeeping but should be kept safe.

Have you been busy updating the design of your website or adding more content but has not considered building a back-up? Has it ever struck you that all of your hardwork can be gone in just a few click at the most unexpected times?

In this podcast, David Counsell and David Pritchard stress the importance of backing up websites and keeping it up to date. Find out ways on how to secure copies of your websites and restore them should the need arise. But there is more to preservation because you too need to keep your pages abreast with the latest technology.

Listen to the conversation and get to learn more about your websites. It pays to have the right tool  for the right thing by equipping your knowledge toolbox.


In this Podcast

00:00 Introduction
01:45 Introduction to updating and backing-up websites
02:34 How a client lost a website of 5 years over teenage hackers
04:07 Security is as important as the details of the website
05:28 Scheduling a website back-up
06:28 Organizing a website restore from the back-up
07:15 How can a software update pull down a whole site
08:10 Waiting for a more stable update
09:36 Test sites for restoration
11:01 Website backup software
12:00 Restoring backups
12:38 Paid plug-ins vs free plug-ins
14:45 Storing backups on a different storage location
16:47 Saving backups in the cloud
17:51 Keeping your websites up to date and compatible
18:23 Importance of the speed of loading a page
20:41 Adding a live chat to your website
21:11 Value of updating your website
22:58 Keeping up with your marketing strategy
24:01 Online marketing
24:28 Looking after your own websites
25:35 Equipping yourself with knowledge
27:35 Importance of having a website
29:22 Wrapping up
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31:14 Goodbyes!