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Ep.20. Is Your Website Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

Would you not want a bunch of professionals build your site rather than 14-year olds?
Would you not want a bunch of professionals build your site rather than 14-year-olds

We already laid out the plan and now, your website is ready for construction. Pretty much like your home, we want to supply the interiors that will fit your seamless design. In this project of building an online counterpart for your business, content matters and you would want to communicate clearly with your customers.

In this episode, David and David gives out further tips on filling the gaps with your website. Pointers are also given on how you can select from the different formats and how you can promote it through social media.

With a lot of other things to do, we know you want to have the experts do their magic rather than silly tricks.

 In this Podcast

00:00 Introduction
01:05 How’s the weather there?
02:07 Recap of the last few week’s episodes
04:24 Bang for your buck for advertising
04:39 Putting contents to your website
04:51 Writing and designing the website
05:06 Letting 14-year-olds handle your marketing?
05:35 Marketing is communicating
06:02 What is the type of your website
06:38 Using the right communication medium for your customers
07:53 Talking about design
08:22 Getting quality content
08:47 You think you can beat Google?
09:25 Introducing Hummingbird
11:53 The website should (at least) answer customer’s questions
12:24 Having individual pages on each question
13:07 Integrating Social Media and Database
13:25 What is the end goal of your site?
14:00 Inviting customers to like your page
15:00 Collecting info for your database
16:11 How to invite people to like you website
16:33 How does individual Social Media work for you?
17:34 Style affects your website
17:59 Selecting the design of the website depending for your use
19:35 Creating a video for your website
20:35 Having video on YouTube and posting links on facebook
22:06 Maintaining engagements
22:30 Look for the professionals
25:40 Being ahead of the market
26:02 Integrating offline media
26:55 Asking for referrals
27:51 You now have a blueprint
29:05 Citing a website doing it all wrong
31:20 Wrong links
32:03 Small little rants
32:21 Bonus commercials?
32:35 If it’s free, it may have no value
33:27 Pretending to be someone else
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34:29 Thanking all the people who liked our page
35:25 Goodbyes!