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Ep.30.Putting the website at the core of your marketing strategy

Your website is not just a side marketing tool. Time to realize it’s the center of all.
Your website is not just a side marketing tool. Time to realize it’s the center of all.

Time and again, we have tackled the methods of building your website and develop strategies to drive traffic to your pages. But have you actually thought of what to do when the online visitors are actually there? Or more importantly, do you truly understand why you have a website? In this episode, David and David discussed the value of your website and how it should be at the core of your marketing approach.

Is your physical store and website are 2 different entities to maintain? How can you reach your customers and solve their problems 24/7? Have a listen to the podcast and learn the means of how to retain your visitors once they come in.

In this Podcast

00:00 Introduction
01:28 Talk about the the games and weather in London and Australia
01:56 Why should a website be at the core of your marketing strategy
02:10 Many people think that their website is just a small part of their marketing
02:31 There are strong reasons why you should put your website on top of the search
03:00 A website is not just an add-on to your business
03:19 Several years ago, business get their customers from traditional methods of advertising
03:35 Now, the world is online
03:51 Many people will arrive to your website from different avenues
04:29 Website can track how many people you interacted with
05:08 With a website, you have product, information and presentation
05:54 Your business and online site are no different worlds but the latter as an extension
06:17 (Google) Hummingbird wants your site to answer people’s needs
06:43 You can use your website to develop relationship with clients
07:21 The products you post online are not necessarily the products customers will buy
08:04 The lifetime value of a customer is what you are after not just the value of that visit
08:10 There are many traffic channels that you can use: SEO, Adwords, Social Media etc.
08:54 Many people worry how to get people to their website without addressing what to do if there are visitors already
09:03 When people arrives at your website, you should start delivering
09:10 It is equivalent to people coming to a physical store and you meeting their expectations
09:27 Just like an Apple Store, it say’s what it’s gonna be inside, matching the look and the experience
09:35 Your website has to look the part and also deliver, putting your website at the center of your business
10:12 Business competition is harder so you’ve got to find your sales funnel
10:54 Think how you can solve your customers’ problems and how you’re doing that
11:28 You need to draw your customers inside and expose them to the products that may match them
11:40 High street stores usually have colorful displays and wide aisles
12:22 It is less inviting to see narrow aisles and cluttered people
13:30 In Hobart, there is a clothing store targeting men with a good window dressing
14:09 The full range of type of products are already in display on such a limited space, attracting everyone
15:01 Fashion is such a cut-throat business but he manage to compete with the rest of the bigger stores
15:52 Everyone can do it but it doesn’t happen by accident
16:13 Website is not just about being pretty but being practical
16:46 A website’s look should play the part but is not flashy
17:02 Your website should enhance your brand
17:52 There’s a difference with websites that convert to sales and the ones that act as brochures
18:08 Brochure websites are wrong in so many ways
18:51 Traditional advertisements cannot build engagements
19:23 Your website is on the go 24/7
20:38 Have responsive websites that can be run on different platforms and devices
21:21 More customers want to look at websites while traveling so it has to be more optimized for mobile devices
22:11 It is irritating to to go to a website that loads forever
22:29 Don’t go for the cheap web hosting
22:44 At least let your customers see what you’ve got
23:23 Think of your website as being inside a room inside a house with different doors around you
24:17 Using the “Dave’s Florist” sample website
24:24 As a florist, you have seasonal promotions
24:35 You can register a domain depending on the season
24:49 Alternatively, you can have an extension under the same domain
25:02 You can have throw away links that will eventually redirects to the main domain
25:36 Different websites can dilute your visitor’s focus
25.49 By building webpages under the same main domain, you build more and more content
26:22 Use simple URLs that can be used effectively for other forms of advertisement
26:54 Keep the focus on each individual pages
28:00 Get good hosting and the best you can possibly afford
28:19 The speed of the loading page matters to Google to rake you up the search results
29:05 Citing an example of a web visitor who left the page when it took 12 seconds to load
30:21 David C talks about hosting their websites they build
31:00 Wrapping up the topic
31:31 If you cannot get these few things right, then don’t get website
32:05 You can hurt your brand by not knowing what to do
32:12 Engage with people that deal with website building, a David perhaps
32:13 You don’t want to entrust the future of your business to people who’d just come up to you offering cheap deals
33:22 The squirrels are getting a bit tired
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34:41 Goodbyes!