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EP. 81. Are you easy to do business with?

Good products and excellent service doesn’t always come with a price.
Good products and excellent service doesn’t always come with a price.

Many small to medium size business may have sprung from passions or hobbies of owners. Some others may just be blunt about it and just focus on the sales. But one this is for sure, business owners invest time, money and effort to cultivate their craft or services. But as busy as you may seem manning the whole show, have you actually stepped back to take a look at the large picture? Have you ever spent time to cultivate your relationships with your new or existing customers? In this podcast, David Counsell and David Pritchard yet another have an interesting conversation on how you can be found more easily and how can they stick with you.

Many business owners know every inch of details about their industry but forget that they are not selling to themselves but rather to their customers. How do you showcase your products? Aren’t you being overly complicated or simple in a way dismissing your customers? Certainly, there’s a number of ways to approach people and let them remember you naturally. And this is not a one-size fits all kind of garment. Good thing, we shared here a few good rounds of examples that you could start using too.

In this Episode

00:00¬ Opener
00:56 Welcome to David versus David, the podcast for small to medium business owners
01:15 Greetings from UK
01:21 Greetings from Australia
01:30 Another great day in Paradise South
01:43 In our northern counter part, it is already pitch dark right after 6
02:41 The day gets shorter in London while the sun is still up in Tasmania even at 9pm
03:27 Today, we will talk about “Are you easy to do business with?”
03:40 As the business develops, business owners meet obstacles along the way
04:13 Many business grow organically
04:35 Then it becomes easy to lose sight of what you are trying to achieve and that is to be found by new and returning customers
04:58 It is like a plant where a part is in the sunshine and another part in the shade, an uneven growth
05:19 So how would you nurture it?
05:21 “How easy are you to be found?”
05:30 Many people assumes that because hey came there once, they will always come back
05:34 It may be true for small commodities but is different with large items like car
06:00 Apple has their apple store to make their customers keep coming back to their universe
06:30 they make a fixed percentage on everything you purchase from apple store
06:59 If you have a phone directory ad, how would you stand out?
07:09 Same with Google search, are you putting the right information to be found?
07:37 AdWords stating points of facts aren’t really enticing
07:52 Just because you know why people come to you doesn’t mean customers know that
08:08 You may be fully aware of your business but you shouldn’t think that others understand it with your same perspective
08:44 Sometimes, you might lose sight of what the customer is seeing
09:09 Unless you are in their shoes, you won’t know what is wrong with it
09:41 What do you think people perceive about you?
10:49 in the 90s, Nokia was a powerhouse company when it comes to innovation
11:25 In lots of way, business has changed as they grow up
11:52 Most hardware stores are cash and carry
12:03 Nowadays, many hardware stores introduce having an account that makes you tied on their business
12:19 It is actually quite risky knowing that you won’t be having immediate cash from that purchase
12:40 In the 80’s, there’s this particular hardware store that provide free engraving of the builder’s name on the purchased tool
13:08 It is for protection from losing of tools and at the same time protecting the livelihood of the builder
13:33 They also engraved the hardware’s number and address
13:35 Everytime the builder touches that tool, he remembers the store
13:47 A lot of people were talking to are selling products they didn’t necessarily create
13:58 What can you do in your business to attach your branding to the item?
14:12 Some put sticker labels on the box
14:35 James Schramko started selling products to people but would provide summarized how-to’s as a value add
15:05 So that everytime they would need help on the product, he will be contacted
15:09 He became the go-to-guy for the products he sell
15:25 How can you make people remember your business and the products you sell?
15:41 Another optical business in Australia provides a small lens cleaner branded for them when you purchase a pair of glasses
15:56 It is a small amount to produce but people keep coming back once the content is emptied
16:16 When one purchases a car from a dealer, how can we make him comeback to the same sales person at least once a year?
16:52 How can you associate people’s face to make them remind of how that person looks like?
17:12 Wistia makes an excellent product for web hosting and other online services
17:55 They are constantly sending out information, guides, techniques and all other stuff that may resolve their subscriber’s problems
18:29 they even respond to queries straight from their Director of happiness
18:36 They’re making themselves easy to do business with
18:58 They regularly provide you with value add
19:20 Apple is also doing the same thing with Tips
19:27 Once a forth night, they provide tips so that you can have a great experience with your product
19:43 A car dealer recorded all the features of the vehicle he is selling and break it up in to series of videos to be sent out for the first few weeks
20:37 And the information can be shared to other people as well
20:50 You increase your visibility because you get people to talk about you
32:15 Be the customer
21:22 There are a number of ways you can ask the right question
21:47 You need to engage with people to genuinely help them and not just think of making a sale
21:56 When that person feels that your help is genuine, they become relaxed and will likely to buy something
22:44 People don’t want to appear stupid so they hesitate to ask
23:03 You need to make it easy for them to expose how can you help
23:12 If you have print outs and marketing collateral, those should be easy to understand
24:01 You’re trying to communicate to people who aren’t quite sure of your products or services
24:11 Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and they may vary
25:31 Be careful with your terminologies that they may not understand it or becomes too simple for other people
26:42 A hardware store in Tasmania set up a small area in their shop with a fixed video camera and they’re showing someone how to use the product which can then be sent to the person inquiring
27:14 That is a great service but at the same time, they’re getting information for their database
27:40 They too can provide a different video previously made for a different customer
27:50 They then send out another video asking feedback on how it helped them
28:05 A third email will be sent out asking for information how the service can be further improved and invites them to confirm their participation in their database
28:35 You can make people engage with you voluntarily and you’re making yourself easy to do business with
28:40 It is a win-win scenario for everyone
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