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Ep.90. Marketing your products in the upscale class

Selling a quality product isn’t really hard. Finding a reputable customer is the question.
Selling a quality product isn’t really hard. Finding a reputable customer is the question.

Luxury brands aren’t for everybody, that is sure. They just can’t be found immediately nor be acquired that easy. There is always that perception more than the product that it actually carries. If you want to target the high-end market, how will you be starting out?

David Counsell and David Pritchard talk about promoting your product to the high-end level of the market. They provided tips on how to reach just the elusive group of people, preserving the exclusivity of your product. But we won’t be containing these facts to ourselves but are available for you to discover. Have a listen now and get these rare gold nuggets of information.

01:43 Greetings from David Counsell and David Pritchard
02:19 We will be continuing our Q&A from where we left off last week
03:02 How do you market premium products?
04:22 How do you attract more customers in this upscale bracket?
05:27 You should be considering the product and the level of the customer group
05:33 There is a process in selling premium products
06:02 Learn from other premium products in terms of presentation
07:01 Pre-qualify in being a seller of premium brands
07:46 Make use of your website to pre-qualify
08:47 Choose the customers that will be representing your products
09:21 Identify how high-end your product is
09:56 If your products set the gold standards, how can it reflect on your brand?
10:55 Create desire that will only attract a handful of people
11:49 Put efforts to acquire the rights to sell the product
12:23 Maintain the value of perception of the premium products
12:51 Make the products appear in appropriate shops
13:35 Make supply a viable factor in marketing these kinds of products
14:02 Set the right level to attract the right kind of people
14:27 Where do you envisage to sell your premium products?
15:08 Advertise your upscale products in the appropriate venues only
15:26 Exclusive brands talk only to the people they want to talk to
16:23 Get your message only in front of the people you want to talk to
16:56 Where are your target audience looking?
17:13 Once you got that exclusivity, maintain it
17:30 You too can experiment on a sub-brand that will cater to a different level of consumers
18:28 Your other sub brands can be not associated with your original brand
18:44 Line extension is different
19:11 Having an extended product can hurt your brand
19:27 Can you make a totally new product in separate ladders?
20:28 Make sure that you are still value adding appropriately
21:29 Make people proud that they are buying from you
22:00 You can think of new ways how customers can make use of your products
23:04 Make your brand register value
26:17 Give your customers the difference from standard products
27:30 Establish the story that makes your product better
28:02 People loves story and in marketing, that is what people often bites
30:18 Not everyone can tell the difference of same products except for packaging
30:44 Perception makes the difference
32:21 We will be saving our other questions for next week, so watch out!
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