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Ep. 13. And the survey says…

Do your survey respondents remain faceless to you?
Do your survey respondents remain faceless to you?

In this episode, David Counsell and David Pritchard discuss the importance of research and surveys and how can they be applied to real life situations to attain actual results.


You may have collected survey forms from your customers, but were you able to extract further information about them? What types of questions are you asking? How can research lead to better customer relationships and make you save more money?


Get help answering these queries and listen to the discussion. Give us your feedback and we value your opinion to serve you better. 🙂

In this Podcast

00:00 Introduction
02:54 Introduction to research, surveys and testing and measuring results
03:17 Importance of research for maintaining relationship with customers
03:44 The changes in the mobile technology
05:25 Importance of research
07:01 Asking the right questions
07:12 Setting up auto-responder
07:43 Asking about the customers and not only about the service or product
08:10 Knowing the language of the customers
08:45 Staff training for better communication
09:06 Developing a second survey based on the demographics of the responders
10:30 Difference of electronic surveys and letter forms
11:15 One size, doesn’t fit all
11:30 Survey incentives
12:24 Short and effective survey questions
13:50 What are you asking?
14:47 Using  long-form surveys
15:10 Using electronic surveys
16:03 What are the type of questions for research?
16:50 Using open-ended questions
17:30 Themes in responses
17:55 Samples of online survey providers
18:56 Who are you asking questions of?
20:43 How to test and measure results?
21:26 Using a small test scenario
22:40 Wrapping up
22:50 Leave 5 stars review on iTunes,  feedback on our page facebook.com/davidversusdavid or on our website, www.davidversusdavid.com
23:30 Thanks for your feedback
23:48 Hawaiian shirt on! – Goodbyes!