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EP. 106. How to engage people with your Facebook posts

Facebook is about connections. Make sure your posts make other people get involved.
Facebook is about connections. Make sure your posts make other people get involved.

With the millions of people converging on Facebook for their daily dose of photos, posts or tags, it is quite a good place to put your business in to. But you don’t need to target millions of them because what you want is to engage with your prospect clients. Are your posts get unnoticed and sink in the myriad of other status? Or is Facebook blocking your ads because you don’t comply to the rules? Fret not.

In this podcast, David Counsell and David Pritchard talk about Facebook and how you can use this powerful social media platform to gain more attraction and encourage people to take part with you online. Listen now and learn to type the right words to get people engaging with you in no time.

In this Podcast

00:45 Welcome to David versus David, the podcast for small to medium businesses
03:10 Let’s talk about engaging people to Facebook
03:32 How do you get the people to see and like your post?
04:00 There’s always something new in Facebook that you should know
04:30 Do you run promotions in Facebook?
04:45 Much like Google, Facebook keeps on updating their rules as well
06:18 What is Facebook competition?
07:08 What can you do with profile photos and banner photos?
07:32 Where can you see the changes in Facebook rules?
07:54 What are the rules in Facebook ads?
08:36 What can you do to avoid Facebook stopping your ads?
10:22 What are the rules in Facebook grid parameters?
11:21 What are the rules of tagging in Facebook competition?
12:40 There are things you can do to manage your Facebook posts
13:20 Call people to action
14:29 Post problems to get people to engage
15:19 People seek acknowledgement in Facebook
15:46 You can run a poll in Facebook
17:19 You can also seek for opinion in Facebook
18:48 Should you repost things that have been seen by many?
19:44 Are you after the viral thing on Facebook?
22:23 How do you make your Facebook post different from the rest?
23:16 Could you be posting better in Twitter over Facebook?
25:39 Do you like the comments on your posts?
27:46 Go behind the scenes of your business and take your followers with you
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30:38 Engage with us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/davidversusdavid
31:02 You can also check our individual websites. David Counsell’s www.infernopromotions.com.au and David Pritchard’s www.d10solutions.com