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Ep. 31. Sex sells, and you don’t see it coming

It works in the subconscious but sex advertising in unrelated message is failed marketing.
It works in the subconscious but sex advertising in unrelated message is failed marketing.

With our generation and technology, the market is proliferated with sexy advertising. Whether you’re aware or it’s the subconscious working, you bet you got yours to stare one point or another. Is it then the right time to jump over the bandwagon?

In this episode, David and David discuss Sex, but not the way you might be thinking, but how it can be a powerful tool for marketing. Join in the discussion and learn how this method can work you up and your business. It can be subtle or overt, after all, there is more than meets the eye.

00:00 Introduction
00:42 Greetings from paradise
01:45 Starting up an edgy topic
01:51 Giving out parental advisory to our listeners
01:59 Opening our interesting topic of Sex
02;05 Let’s talk about the use of sex in marketing
02:31 Does Sex sell?
02:37 sex does sell
02:42 But it can also not sells
02:43 Sex is a very power tool in marketing
02:58 You should be really careful with your campaigns when using it
03:14 It should be used only for the right reason
03:17 It has the power to turn people off
03:20 Your target market should be turned on
03:53 Let’s discuss it using the point of view of two guys
03:58 There are advertisements that sexy pictures have no relevance to the product
04:42 Some web hosting advertisements use sexy pictures of girls but you don’t get to speak with them for support
05:05 You may in fact land with Brian from Technical support
05:12 It boils down targeting the male dominated demographics but has no relation to the products or services
05:23 For example, Pamela Anderson made an ad for Crazy Domains
05:34 It’s basically getting the attention of the geeky-stereotype guys
05:57 But in fact both girls and boys are targeted
06:25 It was in 1885 when sex was first used in advertising, inlay cards with facial soap
07:19 Voice over is a very subtle element in ads
07:34 Women don’t respond well to female voice overs but respond well to men but men respond well to both sexes
08:05 Men respond more visually and women more emotionally to ads
09:42 It is wise to use humour when using sex in your ads
10:58 Pick your product
12:08 David C shares the one of two times he ever used sex with advertising
14:11 Market has changed so much that the strategies before may no longer work
14:23 Motor shows these days employ both promo girls and promo guys
16:55 Facebook with sexy marketing ads that has no relations to the products
07:18 Everything old is new again
17:49 the law hasn’t caught up yet with digital marketing
18:05 Imaging can aspire men to purchase a jeans and have girlfriends make their boyfriends wear them
19:04 Sex marketing targets our primitive thinking of wanting to reproduce
20:03 Advertising is about manipulation to get people to the sales cycle
20:21 And you are being manipulated
22:13 marketing works subconsciously while we are in a private mode
22:31 Advertising is identifying the audience, setting out the message, and delivery
22:42 That is why Sex Advertising if not used properly can cause damage to your business
23:45 Either speak to someone who knows what they are doing with advertising or don’t do it
24:44 Everything in the world is about sex, except sex. Sex is about power.
25:25 Sex used in marketing is one powerful tool that may render effective results
25:40 Internet advertising use a huge amount of sex
26:03 But Google can now detect unrelated tags and keywords and rank you down
27:15 Internet has brought sex right in our face, in desktops, tablets and mobile phones
28:03 If the audience focus just on the sexy ad, then they may not see the actual product
28:19 If your product is invisible, then the ad failed
28:28 It is not just making an advertisement but making a marketing message
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