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Ep. 49. If you can’t get clients the first time, then Remarketing will bring them back to you

Don’t give up on an unfinished sale. Rise up and get that client back.
Don’t give up on an unfinished sale. Rise up and get that client back.

Ads are proven effective way to drive people from generic searches down to your websites. But unfortunately, conversions are not fulfilled 100% all the time. Leads that have gone to your website are just a step closer to completing your sale. That is why in this episode, David Counsell and David Pritchard is once again joined by AdWords expert, Mike Rhodes and will talk about remarketing.

Can you follow up people? Can you entice them to look at your other products? Can you follow people with subtlety without freaking them out? All these can be completed with the right steps of remarketing. Have a listen to the discussion and realize that remarketing is definitely worth a try.

In this Podcast

00:00 Opener
01:34 Greetings from Paradise
02:20 Recapping about the recent previous episodes on AdWords with our guest David
02:46 Today, we will be talking about Remarketing
03:02 For more information on the topic, we will be again joined by Mike Rhodes
03:25 David Counsell talks about his friend whose ad is just on every business related sites he visits
03:37 Mike explains that it is because David C fits the profile of the target and that he has been in his website recently
03:46 Because of the cookies, he became part of Google’s display network
04:16 But the ads would only appear on business related sites and not just anywhere
04:28 It is not random stalking and they have set it up that the same person will not see the ads twice in a day
05:10 Ads only appear to people who visited the Opera site and that who came to their website in the past 8 weeks
05:30 How much is the budget for remarketing?
05:43 Google’s mantra: The more relevant advertising is, the more interesting it is. Also the better the better the advertising will work for the advertiser itself.
06:04 If it causes more conversion rates, then you may want to spend more since it equates to profit
06:20 You can tell Google to which sites it will appear based on your criteria of theme, gender, age, demographics, income level etc
07:00 The benefit of remarketing is banking on familiarization. If a person has been on your site, they will recognize your logo and gives you the chance to be their choice by showing them your ads.
07:58 Remarketing is getting in front of the people who left your site without taking action
08:06 You won’t be paying for the ad until they click on your ad and come back to your site
08:39 It is likely the 2nd if not the most profitable campaign that you run in your account
08:48 Will it work better for business that offers products or to the ones that provide services?
08:53 It works better equally at those 2 cases because ads appear at the right time
09:09 With e-commerce stores, you can do dynamic remarketing
09:22 Kogan for example, a very big e-commerce site in Australia, if you go to the site, you will then start seeing ads about the exact products you were just looking at
10:23 His ads may vary from the products, company profile, clients testimonials, or special discounts that will lure you back to purchase
11:01 Mike Rhodes talk about his car manufacturing client in which they are doing testings at the moment
11:05 They are checking if it is the benefits or the price that makes people go back to your website
11:30 A cookie lasts for 540 days or 1 ½ years or until you delete your cookies
11:58 Remarketing also involves putting yourself in your clients shoes and think how they do
12:09 And then you have to keep on re-testing
12:21 E. Haldeman-Julius was the guy who invented split testing in the 1920s and was the biggest publisher of the little blue book
12:39 To sold these, they would list the titles in the newspaper of about 200-300 titles
12:53 People then can choose 20 titles using the form at the bottom for a dollar
13:41 There was an army of data people who check what titles go out
13:49 And to affect the sales, they would just change the title without even changing the content and it would sell more
14:22 But the tests took 2-3 months to run
14:42 With AdWords, testings can be completed in minutes
15:03 David Pritchard also shares his story proving the power and danger of AdWords
15:11 One member of a political party has visited the opposing party’s site and noticed that there were ads about hot dating
15:29 He then publicized that this political party is having racy advertisements ans sponsoring websites of the like
15:37 But the opposing party just said, “It depends on what you have been looking to yourself.”
16:12 Remarketing should be on the list
16:25 You may need assistance for starting out because there are codes that need to be added on your site to be added on the invisible list
17:06 If this power is used ethically, an ad that is more relevant to people will perform better for you and will be received better
17:57 You can segment the audience visiting your site
18:06 The basic segmenting includes limiting the list from the specific ares that your visitor went or specifically to the buyers
18:51 But more often, the ads target those who have above-average interest but hasn’t completed sale
19:04 These may be the people who added products in the buy list but did not push through
19:24 For advance segmenting, you can choose by how interested they are or how long did they last on your site
19:58 For the case of car insurance provider, clients who have previously purchased can be remarketed 11 months after if they haven’t purchased again
20:57 There can be done automatically
21:47 Soft selling with the use of support like testimonials is a good strategy for remarketing
22:04 You want to follow people like the FBI does it
22:08 You don’t want to freak people out
22:28 If you have 10 different ads that you show to the same person, they would not know that they are being followed
22:42 reduce the creepy people
22:54 If the click through doesn’t follow, you may want to check on a couple of things
23:00 Check what Google thinks of your click-through rate. It is clicks divided by the impression.
23:35 If it below average, your ad copy may suck and you need to change it
25:10 Your goal is to be above average to help increase your quality scores
25:22 Give remarketing a try
25:32 If you think it is confusing, forget the ads that you will show and just start installing the codes on your website
25:48 And when you come back to it in couple of months, then you have a remarketing list that you can work with
26:25 Start before you think you gonna need it
26:56 Mike has definitely shared lot of what he knows about AdWords and remarketing and it’s just right to share information about his team
27:06 The team of www.websavvy.com.au are just stellar. They are the best in the field of AdWords. They manage AdWords account for people or practically, sell money for a discount.
28:11 Mike also does talks and lessons about AdWords and loves teaching. They also have courses available on the website. He and Barry Marshall are preparing for something to come up this August.
28:49 The course that was used to sell for $2000 is now available for $99 only
28:54 It was the best for AdWords when it was released and though it is completely outdated now, it can still be a sensible investment for those starting out
29:45 He is simply the best go-to-guy for practical content regarding AdWords
31:06 And you can check all our other great episodes at www.davidversusdavid.com
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31:24 Goodbyes!

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