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Ep.58. Are you planting great customer experience for customers to rave about?

Let them proclaim and evangelize. Make happy customers your best marketing endorsers.
Let them proclaim and evangelize. Make happy customers your best marketing endorsers.

Marketing for your company doesn’t always come cheap but by providing great experiences for your customers, you started investing to your greatest assets. In this episode, David Counsell and David Pritchard talk about that great marketing strategy of making use of happy customers to spread the word about your business. Are you building a consumer fan base for your company?

Large companies are spending wads of cash for effective marketing and they amass a large following from the market. But proportionally, small to medium enterprises just like yours can reap positive reviews and great recommendations that come from their personal experiences. It all begins with their experience dealing with you and the stories come after. We tell you, it will not be an easy path to pave but there’s always a way to have a supporter come rolling. Join in the discussion and jot down the ways on how you can start yours.

In this episode

00:00 Opener
00:56 Greetings from paradise
01:29 What another great day to talk about marketing and advertising
01:40 Early mornings in the quaint café gives birth to this interesting topic
02:30 People that go out and speak about the places they’ve been or products they tried become raving fans
02:39 They become evangelists for the brand
02:58 Apple for example has Apple fan boys
03:14 They have built a customer fan base
03:52 Big companies like Apple and the small coffee shop share something in common to keep the people raving for them
04:12 So, let’s talk about the things that small business can do to generate more customers that tell other people about you
04:46 This is the Holy Grail of advertising; when people use their credibility to recommend your business
05:13 Never a week passes that David C doesn’t get to talk about word of mouth
05:30 Apple spends a lot money for creating and testing their marketing message
05:40 But proportionally, you can be doing the same thing for your business
06:07 It’s a matter of experience, not just sales
06:14 If someone walks away, you are giving them a story that people will likely tell to other people
06:54 Please don’t get the impression that this will be easy
07:33 Apple gives stories on how it will solve your problem
07:36 You got to deliver stories on how to solve people’s problems
08:00 Look at what the problem is and create a story
08:23 Let’s take the case of an asphalt delivery
08:43 There’s a whole loads of process that allow a company to differentiate himself from everbody else
09:46 There will be people in there that will closely compare your products to others
10;30 It’s not necessarily that they differ in the guts but with everything that is wrapped around your product
10:40 You can do the same thing with your company through the experience of your customers
12:02 You can make happy customers your biggest fans
12:12 Have a system for your business for the whole process of the sales
12:34 You have to have a way to follow them up and nurture that relationship
13:05 David C talks about the drive way he had built last December
13:14 David C says that he dress up in his “oldest” clothes whenever he is interested with a large purchase or property to appear he doesn’t have enough cash to pay it
13:40 The asphalt guy told him that the service will be very expensive and asked him if he can afford it
14:13 And the worst he could have done was not to follow up
14:20 With the assumptions he made that the customer can’t pay, he just gave his number 3 service thus shying him away from the deal
14:33 The other guy, though did not get the deal because of it’s high cost, came back to follow up
14:39 They both gave David C stories to tell: a nice one for the later and and a not so good feedback for the prior asphalt guy
14:51 In the end, David C did the driveway himself and asked help to get the work done
15:05 The first guy who did all the ground preparation went above and beyond
15:15 Even months after the work was done, he came back to the property when it was raining just to check the quality of the work
15:27 The other guy who did all the curving never showed up or got in contact again
15:39 The gravel guys were fantastic
16:04 They didn’t ask for any deposit and happy to move the gravel around and ready by the time they are needed
16:24 Whilst all of them have different approaches, 2 of them had great recommendations and great word-of-mouth and the concrete guy has none and the prior asphalt guy just gets the bad story everytime
16:69 Having great support processes is a way to have evangelists
17:05 People accept that things go wrong but what they are after are how these are handled
18:43 Your best customers are your best sales people
18:49 Bogdan, the earth moving guy, has jut great word of mouth that his reputation precedes him even if he is just a one-man company
19:20 He doesn’t need fancy ads in the phone directory because of his good reputation
19:42 He is just operating in a pretty tight budget
20:00 You want a good surprise from your client
20:06 Under promise and over deliver
20:16 David P talks about the experience of budget airlines and expensive airlines
21:50 Customers will remember more about you if they had great experience versus the cheap amount of goods or services
22:22 How do you deal with complaints in the social media?
22:37 People complain everytime and what social media does, is that you can take a glimpse of what other people are telling about you and you can have it corrected
23:38 Social Media is not something to be afraid of as it gives you the mechanism to engage
24:10 Google Adwords follows up clients if they are no longer using their services and thus, you can do the same
25:17 There’s no one solution to make all of your customers delighted but loads of processes done the right way
25:40 Do not forget the people within your business
25:56 You have to be sure that all of your people are on board and fire them up to appreciate their job, they too will tell it to their families and friends about your organization
27:16 Start with the basics, get that system in place
27:20 Brief your staff and make sure that they understand and that they embrace the system you are implementing in your business
27:45 It’s great to have system but de-humanize them
27:59 The people are what humanizes the system
28:47 You need the automated system but if you can interface it with a human then it’s better
28:57 Don’t see the problem, but see the solution
29:09 By solving the problem, you help yourself because you stop the occurrence to happen again
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