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EP. 80. Laying out the plan behind your vision

Working right with your jar of rocks gives ample space for a couple of beers
Working right with your jar of rocks gives ample space for a couple of beers

Many business owners have been working long, tedious hours and they are proud of it. That may be true if you are starting out but something may be wrong with your business if this has been going on for years now. David Counsell and David Pritchard often gives excellent advices for marketing and advertising but his time, we’re going to delve a little bit deeper and figure out the “why” in your business.

You might have spent the last (or even previous) years operating your business, have you actually took the time to sit down and analyze how are things going? Do you love what you’re doing? Or at the very core of things, why are you doing these? Your answers will help you determine how you’d work for your business and how it will affect the kind of lifestyle you’d want to achieve. Being the boss doesn’t mean that you want get your hands dirty, but it means that you have to do it all the way through. If you want to free up your time and do the more important things you’d like to focus on, have a listen and spend the rest of the day with yourself planning.

In this Episode

00:00 Opener
01:39 Welcome to David versus David, the podcast for small to medium businesses
02:00 Greetings from UK
02:05 Greetings from Tasmania
02:28 It has been a great week for our 2 Davids
02;38 We have previously talked about planning and organizing, just in time as welcomed the new year
03:06 Were you able to plan for the year or you’re just set to do just like what you did last year?
03:49 Doing the same things that don’t work, hoping that they would is not helping you at all
04:00 It’s not a Q&A session but we got a few that we may throw in
04:05 Useful thoughts for you
04:14 Ask yourself, “Do like or love what you do?”
04:20 That is one important thing to consider
04:26 Do you have a vision or expectation when you set up your business
04:38 Think about the things that changed and why are your expectations may not be happening
04:41 Have you made it your job instead of a business?
05:15 Some people are proud that they work 16 hours a day
05:27 When you are setting up a business, you might need to work 16 years
05:38 But after several years and you’re still doing that, you got to ask yourself “Why?”
05:43 Is it productive? Or you’re even doing the small jobs that you should be assigning to other people?
06:14 You should have a system and have other people to do it
06:33 Weather may grind you down also
07:04 Christmas is the season when people easily snap
07:17 It can be frustrating when you want to go out but you find yourself chained to a job because you placed yourself in the center of it
07:33 A quote from David C’s client, “People who pride themselves all day, they’re making a mistake. If you’re the boss, you should be the one that should be able to walk away, By walking away, it give you that time and space to think about what is happening in your business and what can you do to improve on.”
08:19 Ideally, you have employees to carry the torch forward
08:41 If you can’t trust people to tally the till, then there’s something wrong going in your business
08:51 You got to trust people otherwise you’re making a loadstone to carry all day
09:19 People that run businesses have a vision but sometimes that vision doesn’t happen
09:42 Some people want their business to be their lifestyle
10:21 Some people want to have a take off anytime they want
10:49 If what you want isn’t happening, you got to figure out why
11:08 So think about what you want to set out
11:25 Is Richard Branson the type of person who combine both his personal and business life?
11:30 He spends a lot of time having fun and mixes them with a promotion of his business
11:52 Definitely, he doesn’t spend 16 hours of his time in front of the computer
12:02 His personal life and professional life are pretty meshed together and yet he is an excellent example of delegator
12:16 It was said that he hires people that represent his weakness so that he never have to worry about that weakness anymore
12:34 He has a great professional lifestyle because he meshed it with things he likes doing
13:45 Other people just do the jobs they are tasked and are happy with their salaries but business owners want more
14:00 Be Richard!
14:12 If you’re working for 16 hours, analyze if you’re being productive
14:38 Write down and review where you’re spending your time
15:01 Your weakness will be apparent and will show what time of the day you’re having difficulty with
15:17 Some software logs how many hours you’re spending on an application
16:03 Having a good team just doesn’t mean you have great employees but not everyone who works for you have to work full time
16:43 All the people in your time should be making your money
17:30 Time and team are two good factors to combine
18:20 Outsource. Delegate. Free your time
18:43 Do the big rocks first. Do the Most important tasks first before you proceed with the least important and tasks that can be disregarded
19:35 The less important tasks, if they’re too many, may consume all your time that you don’t have anything left for the more important jobs
19:46 If you put them out tomorrow, you’ll still have the big rocks needed to be completed plus the new tasks
19:54 Here is an example of the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmV0gXpXwDU
19:56 With a big glass, there are huge rocks, some pebbles and smaller pebbles and then some sand
20:12 Some start off with the sand, putting them on the glass, followed by the pebbles until there will be no more space left for the big rocks
20:29 Empty the jar and start again
20:32 Put the big rocks first, then followed by the pebbles and lastly the sand
20:48 It will all fill through the gaps
20:57 It does convey the point that it is easy to fill your time with tasks that doesn’t matter that are not as important as the big rocks
21:39 And to add, since you have more available time, you can invite a friend over, and pour a can of beer
21:57 There’s always a time to have a beer with friends
22:14 Say no to the wrong kind of work
22:35 If they are not a good match to your business, it may be better to part as friends
23;10 David P shares his experience on this
24:06 If they don’t gel with you, they will find somebody else who will
24:28 You too can recommend them to your competition so they can absorb their time
25:21 If David P should’ve accepted that project, it would have been prestigious, but it will mess them up
26:18 Say no to the wrong kind of business
26:30 If something goes right, celebrate the small successes
26:51 If you get the goals you’re setting, celebrate it in an appropriate scale
27:20 It will promote positivity to your business
27:59 Small can make very big differences
28:12 These little changes can make enormous difference in your business
28:41 So if you haven’t reviewed your business to date and haven’t thought where you’re going, go and take half a day out
29:14 A vision without a plan isn’t really a vision
29:18 Avoid being diverted but you have to always review your plan
29:33 Be objective if you want to revise it
29:48 So go out and think for your business
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