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Ep.71. Social Media Questions? We may just have the Answers


With the new algorithms and the game constantly changing, how are you managing your social media accounts?
With the new algorithms and the game constantly changing, how are you managing your social media accounts?

You might be asking why not all of those who like your Facebook page gets to see your post? Or is it worth to take Google + a try? Or Should you be spending to boost your post? Or the classic one, which social media platform should you be relying on. Or perhaps the bigger question here is, how come we are answering all these different questions?

In this podcast, David Counsell and David Pritchard will answer some of the questions our listeners sent it. But before you expect that we’re going to roll down to Question #20, you know very well we won’t be reaching that far. But whether in dept or in passing, this discussion is surely worth your time. So click on the link and have a listen.

In this Episode

00:00 Opener
01:05 Welcome to David versus David, the podcast for small to medium businesses who need help with thteir marketing and advertising
01:20 Greeting from David Counsell of Paradise Tasmania
01:25 And his partner-in-crime, David Pritchard of London, UK
01:49 Where did that word, partner-in-crime, come from?
02:03 So what are the good stuff we will be talking today?
02:13 We will be answering some of the questions we got from our listeners
02:23 But when we say we will be having a Q&A, don’t get too excited
02:25 As you are all aware, we cannot answer all 20 questions but a good chance of about 3 or 4
02:50 In other larger companies, they may have a dedicated department looking at their social media accounts
03:15 Social media sometimes scare people than any other form of advertising
03:21 It may be because of the fear of the unfamiliar technology and the issue with time
03:47 Our first question from Steve kind of highlights this
03:54 Many people like his page but how come not everyone who liked it gets to see his post?
04:16 How come only 200 people see the post when there were 1200 who liked the page?
04:30 Facebook has an algorithm and Facebook wants you to pay to have your information viewed
05:04 Facebook can show to 5%-25% of people who liked your page
05:14 If many has liked your post immediately after it goes online, it will affect the algorithm positively
05:26 Facebook wants people to be interacting with the posts
05:36 Facebook also wants the information getting shared and they get different weight
06:07 But another factor to consider is the time
06:22 Our timeline can show people liking posts of several months ago
06:40 Facebook will rank down the post from being viewed in other people’s timeline if less people are interacting with it
07:22 In Twitter, everyone will get to see your posts and if you use a hashtag, everyone who looks for that hashtag can see your posts
07:57 If 300 people follows you, your post will appear in their timeline but not all may see it because many just scan through their timeline and don’t scroll all the way down
08:34 That is why Facebook may not be showing all the post as not to clutter up the timeline of people
08:54 They also want a better user experience
09:54 You should put interesting stuff here to initiate interaction
10:08 A text based post of 15-30 words can be quite interesting
10:18 You can post more than about your products
10:32 Longer controversial statements can initiate a different interaction too
10:41 People love photos
10:51 Post something that intrigue people
11:06 If people leave comments, respond
12:06 Stop flooding people just all about you promoting your products
12:19 Facebook rank up posts with embedded videos or photos as opposed to video links from YouTube
13:08 Don’t’ be afraid to put it up in Youtube and Facebook
14:41 You can build your own assets in Facebook
15:45 Should we be paying to boost posts?
15:59 It can be well with doing but don’t do it blind
16:08 Facebook provides insights where it gives you the information how many people are reached by your post
17:08 If you are paying money and it doesn’t increase interaction with your page, then you may want to think twice
17:22 Consider the content you are putting out
17:58 Hoping for the best doesn’t really work
18:38 Another question pertains to Google + and if it is worth it to have it.
19:19 Google + is Google’s social media platform which is the equivalent of Facebook
21:00 It can be only good for SEO’s point of view because not many people are in it
21:58 Many people may not be aware what it is for
22:15 We are not saying not to use it but you may not have to spend too much time on it
22:37 Focus your efforts where you benefit most
23:16 MySpace was pretty big before Facebook
23:35 You probably need a MySpace account the same as a Google + account
23:49 Another question from Michelle, do any other social media websites provide more benefits or just focus in Twitter and Facebook.
24:07 It is interesting to know how things have changed now
24:47 Pinterest may be beneficial to you depending on your products and target market
25:10 If your market involves products that can be visually appealing, then Pinterest may work for you
26:13 Put links on Pinterest that will lead directly on the product on your website and not just on your homepage
26:32 As opposed to Instagram who is purely image (or video), you can put links at the back of Pinterest
27:13 Spreading through different social media platform is not always beneficial as you may be thinning your market
27:38 Figure out why would you want to be in different social media platforms
28:01 Work out what you want to achieve and why and that will help you identify if you need to use other social media platforms
28:09 LinkedIn on the other hand provides a business-to-business connection
29:09 Identify the people you’d like to reach
29:58 Different tools have different businesses and different objectives
30:45 If all you do is self promote, that’s going to be a switch off to potential readers
31:09 Wrapping up
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31:46 Goodbyes!