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EP.62. Marketing ideas that will keep you from looking at your competitors

Focus your marketing towards your customers and don’t compare what your competitors are doing
Focus your marketing towards your customers and don’t compare what your competitors are doing

Even we are surprised at how philosophic our podcast’s opener is this week. A great advice, “Stop worrying about what everybody else is doing. Worry about your customers and how to attract them. You will get better results from your advertising. If you spend your whole life looking at the revision mirror, all that you will see is the past.” Take away two sentences and we’ve just unearthed a valuable life lesson!

On this week’s podcast, David Counsel and David Pritchard talk about different types of promotional ideas and how to use them effectively. From the tried and tested newspaper, to the tech-savvy video testimonials, we get to know which is right for your business. The hosts had so much fun sharing ideas that time flew by and there’s still a lot to talk about! So as with business and in life, have fun being original!

In this Episode

00:00 Opener
00:14 Welcome to David vs. David
00:45 Greetings from the UK and Tasmania
01:35 How do you keep coming up with content for the podcast?
02:30 The list of things that we DON’T talk about regarding marketing is actually quite short
03:30 This is about providing useful information that can be easily implemented by listeners
03:45 Looking back to last week’s episode
04:05 Promotional Idea #1: Using automatic emails to maintain communication with audience
05:58 If automatic email is something beyond you, find somebody to do it for you
06:05 You do it once, and it repeats itself over and over again
06:50 It is a way that you can inject yourself into the lifestyle of your customer
07:20 Promotional Idea #2: Hiring an ad agency
07:40 Find someone who understands your customers
08:03 Look at it as a long-term relationship: the more they know about your business, the better they’re going to work for you
08:43 Advertising is not easy
09:40 Advertising cost: is it too much?
10:12 A proper advertising agency is designed to save you money
11:06 Mistakes can be costly
11:27 Promotional Idea #3: Radio, newspaper, and television
11:40 Newspapers are still effective
13:08 Advertising agencies work by giving sensible advice from the very start
13:40 Main media hasn’t gone away yet
14:00 Envisage your customer
14:35 Online advertising: banner ads
15:35 Know the people that visit your target website
16:36 When people learn to use something the right way, their effectiveness comes back
17:05 Advertising is not magic
18:18 Stop looking at what everybody else is doing
20:06 Would rather go and see the genuine Elvis in concert (if he’s still alive), or an impersonator?
21:27 Another online option: video testimonials
23:15 A video testimonial is an indisputable proof that it is that person
23:40 Become the authority in what you do in your field in your website
25:00 Integrate more people in your video testimonial
25:37 Make it fun!
26:30 Topic will be continued in another episode
27:09 Wrapping up
27:19 You can find us at www.davidversusdavid.com
27:23 Or our facebook page, www.facebook.com/davidversusdavid
27:29 Look us up and leave a glowing 5-star review on iTunes
27:33 You can also visit our personal sites. David Counsell’s www.infernopromotions.com.au and David Pritchards’ www.d10solutions.com
27:50 Goodbyes!