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Ep.44. How Can webinars Work for you?

Ep 44
And now, you too can have your speech on-demand.

Remember the days that you send out flyers and advertise on radio to invite people to attend your seminars? Or perhaps, you try to squeeze in your busy schedule and travel all the way on to the location to take part in one of those talks. In this day and age, all can be done with no sweat with the help of webinars. David Counsell and David Pritchard talk about what webinars are, what are the benefits and basically, how to set up one.

Do you have butterflies in your stomach standing up the stage or fear that you will be speaking on an empty hall? Worry no more because you can address these with webinars. But definitely, basic rules apply: Delivering the message and a clear call to action

In this Podcast

00:00 Opener
01:04 Welcome to David versus David
01:27 Greetings from Paradise UK
01:34 Greetings from Paradise Hobart
01:52 Oh, how the weather has flipped over in paradises (listen to previous podcasts for reference)
02:22 Today, we will be talking about Webinars
02:33 Webinars are electronic version of seminars
02:44 Before, you needed to rent conference rooms and invite people to listen to your pitch
04:06 About a year or two, Podcast was unknown to many
04:28 When you do a webinar, you can do it at the safety of your own office and broadcast it over the internet for people to view who are not necessarily on the same geographical spot
04:52 You can still target specific locations or have a global audience
05:06 You can have a live webinar and choose a time for broadcast
05:25 You can also have pre-recorded webinars or Evergreen webinars that can be played over and over again
05:51 People can view at their own comfortable place, even from a mobile device
06:08 It is important that you capture the attention of the audience and sustain it
06:20 There are software that determines if your viewer is doing something else while watching, letting you know if you are losing them
06:33 In physical seminars, it is more unlikely that people will leave
06:58 In webinars, viewers have no idea how many other people are watching the same
07:36 You can have Q&A portions with webinars to make it engaging and interactive
08:33 You can have viewers from your website, YouTube, AdWords or referral links
08:58 You can be more relaxed speaking compared to an actual seminar
09:11 Why would you do one? Benefits? How can you use it?
09:25 You can present products or services to more people
10:21 You can do automatic follow ups to people who watched the webinar
11:21 What kind of software do you need? Is it expensive?
11:33 Charges are based on the number of people talking. It is based on the location of the speakers
12:01 Another variable is how many people are attending and watching it
12:10 You can advertise you can only accommodate a certain number of audience
12:48 You can add value to people attending the first broadcast and don’t immediately inform people about a replay
13:25 Evergreen webinars allows pre-recorded webinars http://evergreenbusinesssystem.com/
13:36 In about $497 one time fee, you can have unlimited webinars replaying as many times as you want
13:52 David C records his live presentations and have it uploaded as webinars
14:44 Any expensive or professional grade equipment?
15:44 You can have decent webinars without having to splurge on microphones
15:47 Do a practice run to check the quality of your equipment
16:12 What if you are not a very confident speaker?
16:32 you can then have an interview-type of webinar where you may be the professional speaker answering the questions
16:55 Your confidence level increases as you keep on going
18:27 Find out if other people on your field also do webinars and you can learn from them
20:00 With webinars, you can be a niche
20:44 If there is a sales element, you can have promotions for a limited time exclusive to the viewers
21:25 Scarcity is your friend
21:37 You can have a different offer for replays
22:03 You can also have visual webinars, very much like a powerpoint presentation
22:37 Always use images and dot-points texts
23:23 It is ideal to run webinars from 40 minutes to an hour
23:43 You too should have a preamble ideal for people who are running late
24:01 You can put in questions even with pre-recorded webinars
24:48 You can have webinars for products or services where you can highlight the benefit, solution to their problems and identify cost
25:38 You should have a concrete presentation so as not to waste people’s time
26:50 How to get the word out and invite people?
27:03 Look for locations where your audience are
27:18 You can run AdWords, advertise in YouTube or radio or via direct mail
28:32 Webinars can be beneficial to many people of different demographics
29:11 Webinars are not always about the sale, but you too can build authority
30:11 You can have a dedicated page for registration and start laying out the benefits
31:20 Don’t collect information that you don’t need
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32:36 You can also visit our individual websites, David Counsell’s http://www.infernopromotions.com.au/ and David Pritchard’s http://www.d10solutions.com/
32:47 Goodbyes!