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EP. 107. An Introduction to Online Advertising

Online advertisement is everywhere in the world wide web. Make your ad stand out.
Online advertisement is everywhere in the world wide web. Make your ad stand out.

If you spend a long time in the internet (like if you enjoy reading this), then you must have probably guessed that it is a good spot to put on your advertisements. In this episode, David Counsell and David Pritchard give you a quick 101 on online advertising.

Ads can be seen in ALL web platforms, may you be watching a video on YouTube, posting in Twitter, being tagged at Facebook or merely searching on Google. But what you must know is that there are different methods of creating online ads as well. Ready to take your first dip with this type of marketing? Equip yourself with knowledge and have a listen now.

In this Episode

01:54 Welcome to David versus David, the podcast for small to medium sized businesses
02:23 Greetings from David Pritchard and David Counsell
03:47 For this week’s topic, we will be talking about online advertising
03:49 More and more people are getting more involved with online advertising
04:05 What are the platforms in online advertising?
04:35 Where do you start with online advertising?
05:15 How many should you know with advertising?
05:40 Know who you are talking to and get your message right
06:00 Advertising was different 20 years ago especially with the use of Yellow Pages
06:18 Online advertising is on the high because of mobile browsing
06:37 Have you heard or done worfing?
07:18 Has it became easier to target customers?
08:23 Do you want to use PPC or Pay Per Click?
08:54 You can use CCP or cost per click
09:32 You can also get CCP or Cost Per Action
10:12 CCM is Cost per Thousand in Impressions which is common in Facebook
10:34 CTR is Click Through Rate is comparable o person who sees your ad
10:54 Conversion Rate used to compare the people visiting the site and being converted as paying customers
11:36 What are the advantages and disadvantages of these online advertising methods?
13:17 How do you test these different online advertising methods?
15:13 You got to compare these methods
15:23 Should you advertise in Facebook or Twitter?
15:57 There are different types of online ads
17:18 When should you be placing your online ads?
17:46 You got to make sure your ad is at the top as much as you can
18:07 How much return does Facebook Ads generate?
19:07 How can you use Facebook Ads to generate income the least you expect it?
19:36 Facebook Ads allow specific targeting
20:32 Twitter Ads is fairly new but how does it work?
22:58 How much is a Twitter ad?
23:40 What is Compulsory Roll in Youtube Ads?
26:22 How can you play less for your quality advert?
26:41 Keep all your ads relevant all the way through
26:58 What you want is a successful ads that will let you earn more than what you are spending
29:40 How do you make ads follow people?
31:06 There’s a lot of methods for online advertising but you need to get a basic to become an online killer in advertising
31:33 Now, you can target your customers specifically without spending too much
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