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EP. 75. Getting in depth with SEO

In completing the SEO circle, every pieces and factor matter.
In completing the SEO circle, every pieces and factor matter.

Continuing from our last week’s discussion of introduction to SEO, we pick up a few more rounds of drinks, err, information as we get to further learning about the do’s and don’ts in search engine optimization. David Counsell and David Pritchard get a notch deeper with this complicated subject but make sure that these concepts will be easier to understand.

As we know, SEO is not just about keywords or links as there are other more factors that affect your page ranking. How can your page title be of help or have you even thought of making a webpage description? And if you don’t have control over the links referencing back to your webpage, how can you make use of them to guarantee that you are getting from clean and reasonable sources.
There are certainly a lot of things to cover but as we say, even if you only get 80% of this information, you can still get ahead with other small website business owners are probably doing. So start earning your percentage and have a listen.

In this Episode

00:00 Opener
00:56 Welcome to another episode of David versus David
00:58 Greetings from Paradise Tasmania
01:11 And a roger response from Paradise North, UK
01:55 A recap of our last week’s episode of basic introduction to SEO
02:19 In this episode, we will continue that discussion in a little more depth
02:38 The depth can be frightening and confusing
03:04 We keep eye on the workings of search engines, predominantly now, Google
03:33 Last week we discussed about the onsite factors, which are the things on the website that you have control
04:03 The offsite factors are the things that you can assist with but have no total control such as the references linking back to your website
04:39 If you come out with 80% if the information we are discussing here, you are definitely getting more than most of the small website owners perhaps are doing
05:04 Oh yes, it is hard but there are things that you can do to make your website perform better
05:54 Do’s and Don’ts of On-page Factors
06:01 These are sign posts to Google telling what your website is all about
06:37 You can provide genuine helpful information at least once a day
06:52 Each of the pages on your website has sets of codes that appear in the search engine
07:08 If you right click on the webpage and select View Source, it will show all the code lying behind your webpage
07:28 Page title are the words that appear at the top of your web browser that could be your website name including the article title
07:54 You have control over it and considered as ports to search engines
08:06 Bring out your glasses as we are rolling out the drinking game again with the blue widgets
08:48 If your product is blue widgets, then your page title will tell what is it about
09:22 Meta description is the description that appears when the searchers asks
09:43 Under the description in the searches, there may be 143 characters telling what the webpage is about
10:06 You can provide related information to it and may be called keywords stuffing
10:20 Google doesn’t put too much attention to this though
10:28 But these are the words that people will see so you want to entice them to check your website
10:59 If you don’t’ provide these details, Google may supply it with the first few paragraphs from your article but may not make sense
11:28 Another SEO strategy is to make sensible and enticing webpage description
11:47 Assuming you are on the 5th spot of the search result, you may still outnumber others if you have a great description
12:16 If you have the content to back it up, Google will think that you can be better on a higher spot to get more people to go to your website
13:27 Keywords are reference words you can use to your description
13:57 Make a webpage or article focused on one thing but you don’t want to overdue it
14:48 Make different synonyms or play of words
15:16 Google may think you don’t know what to do if you keep of making use of the same words or phrases
15:48 The heading is usually in bold and should contain the keywords that are the key interest of the article
16:05 It is usually the basis for the URL
16:33 All these sign posts are found early on your webpage
16:55 Google may not look at the whole article but may look at the first three paragraphs
17:21 When writing, the first sentences should be closely related to the heading
17:44 Image files should be properly named
18:04 You can put in alternate text so that if the image cannot be displayed, the text will tell what is it about
18:27 Write naturally and don’t try to cram keywords in so many times
19:01 The temptation to use the same keywords over and over is a bad thing to do
19:11 Lets’ start with On-Page Optimization
19:22 Don’t force it and let it out in a natural way
19:40 The Off-Page Factors are the links that come back to you
20:01 Google will love it if people are reading your articles
20:22 If people include a link of your website in theirs, Google would love that
20:42 It can be included in comment boxes, forums, Yahoo Answers or places where people can provide advice
21:06 The more people click on your link, the higher your website can rank up in the search page
21:26 Do’s and Don’ts for Off-Page Optimization
21:27 Do contact people that may have connection with your business and ask them if they will link to you without you providing incentives of any form
21:56 It can be guest posts that can help others too
22:24 It is reasonable as long as you are not using the same articles for dozens of other guest posts
22:4 Using the same links isn’t good
23:11 It may look suspicious if you have a lot of guest posts
23:23 You need good links in good places
23:57 You can find forums related to your business and engage with the community there
24:14 Many websites allow you to comment and at the bottom, sign with your name and website
24:53 Anchor texts are words or phrases that will encourage more people to visit your webpage
25:48 Anchor texts can also be your names but a link can be underneath it
26:45 These are natural things and Google will not penalize you
27:00 Google will rake you down if you start paying for links
27:22 Reciprocal links such as link farms are not good as they are done for link manipulation
28:27 Google has been remarkable efficient with slapping these
29:01 Electronic press release are also anchor texts sent to thousands of agents but Google still doesn’t like it that much
30:06 Don’t force thing and don’t manipulate
30:17 Consider having a Google Plus page as Google wants you to use their own products
30:44 Putting occasional links to your Facebook can also be good
31:08 Google also like you to use YouTube and you can put up a link on the description
31:41 The best you can do is to provide more content
31:49 It adds to your authority and gives Google more data to analyze
32:00 You should also make sure that your webpage is set up that allow robots text files or search engine spiders to crawl on your website to inspect
32:13 We have covered that in EP.7 as discussed by our SEO master, Steve Owens
Ep. 7 If there is something strange in your website, who you gonna call? SEO Steve
32:53 Many people are also confused with domain names, if they should stick on their business name or rather on the product they sell
33:28 In the old days, products based domain names will register well as it generate more links coming to it because of it’s nature
34:49 But the disadvantage is that overtime, you may change your line of products
34:57 It is better to build your brand name as it will stand longer
35:23 If you ever wonder what Google owns, a key search even on Wikipedia will give you a long list of products
36:04 It is a good thing to look at those to know what products you can use
36:07 But be aware not to abuse them
36:14 Use them nicely and treat them like a member of your family
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