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EP. 55. Face to face encounter with Networking

Networking doesn’t always mean online. After all, it started with physical interactions.
Networking doesn’t always mean online. After all, it started with physical interactions.

Can you sell your brilliant script to a multi-awarded producer in an elevator? Given only around ten seconds to talk, do you know what to say when the opportunity strikes? Tossing out all the social awkwardness, David Counsell and David Pritchard talk about the dreaded “N” word: Networking.

Similar with Episode 51’s discussion on Headlines, knowing what to say beforehand can make or break your sale in networking events. Like many other things, practicing can help you gain success in pitching your product or services. Be surprised on how asking questions instead of explaining can be of help in these kinds of social events. Most of all, make good use this powerful avenue of networking you are actually using right now!

In this Podcast

00:00 Opener
00:51 Greetings from Paradise!
01:20 This week, we are going to talk about something that David Counsell hates: Networking
01:48 Everybody in business knows it: they ought and need to do more of it, but they don’t like it
02:17 From genuine research, walking in a room full of strangers and having to engage with them is one of the top five things that people hate
03:21 Interacting with others is one of the things you’ve got to do
03:30 The Elevator Pitch: give someone what you actually do, and pitch them upwards to let them know how you can potentially help them
03:53 The origin of the Elevator Pitch
04:36 The script for Sandra Bullock’s film, Speed was apparently pitched in that manner
05:06 People pay for networking evenings, to promote what they do
05:43 These gatherings also include offering your services to them and making referrals when they refer their customers to you
06:30 Be concise when asked, “What do you do?”
07:24 People are more interested in how you can make more money for them, not so much with the intricacies of your work
07:42 Decide on what you want to say beforehand: Don’t wing it
08:05 Your story should tell someone the benefits of selecting you
08:20 Write it in longhand, and then remove words that don’t matter
08:43 Slightly similar with our Headlines discussion (Episode 51)
09:00 How do you decide what’s going to be the thing that makes that prospect let you know that they are interested in your product, and allow you to give them the information that you need to have in front of them?
09:37 Be prepared
10:07 Your target audience already have the specialist knowledge, tell them why they should buy your product or services
10:26 Before you get there, determine the unique selling points of your business, their benefits, and make them concise and attractive
11:00 A crowd around you will attract more audience
11:40 An exhibition stand is another form of networking
12:02 Word of mouth is another form of networking
12:19 Avoid doing the “physical barriers” in networking events
13:02 Stop talking about you and start talking about them
13:31 After determining a common problem by asking questions, offer them your unique solution
14:02 Setup up a different venue for further conversations: a side meeting, a phone call, or through coffee
14:21 Establish the relationship that leads to the sale
14:28 In network meetings, talk to people as much as you can
15:07 Practice by imagining a conversation with an old friend, telling him what it is that you do now, and work backwards from that
16:33 Never assume that that they know as much as you do about your business, and never assume that you know what they are doing
17:09 This includes terminologies and acronyms
17:37 Unknown terminologies will create communication barriers and can affect your pitch negatively
18:56 Examples of networking events that the Davids are involved with
19:33 Networking clubs: rubbing shoulders with “business elites” in the community
20:10 Sporting clubs: groups of like-minded community people who know everybody
20:26 Networking in the family: being interested in the world around you because there are opportunities everywhere
21:07 Facebook is a social network
22:27 Build up a list of contacts. Starting with friends is good
23:18 Social networking in the real world can have immense payoff for you over time
23:34 Don’t hate networking: you might be networking all of the time
24:04 This podcast was made possible by networking
24:40 Wrapping up
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25:23 Goodbyes!