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EP. 68. Your master cheat sheet for building a contact list

There sure are a lot of things to check before sending out that mail to the rest of your contacts
There sure are a lot of things to check before sending out that mail to the rest of your contacts

Reaching and contacting people are the very main essence of marketing. It is through your audience that you can spread the word and inform them about your business. And a targeted way of doing so is through a database. But database aren’t just any other list nor it is that complicated either.

In this episode, David Counsell and David Pritchard share some of the ways of adding people in to your list, moving from the old means of sending cards inside the magazines to the digital age of newsletters. Get a doze of your free marketing and advertising tips and sure, there’s a gold in that pot.

In this episode

00:00 Opener
00:52 Welcome to another episode of David versus David
01:02 Greetings from the sunny Tasmania
01:12 Greetings from London
01:28 with the good weather outside, David C is recording in his gold room once again
01:37 With his previous work in the radio industry, he was given gold records for the artist he helped achieved gold and platinum records
01:50 And those were displayed in this room, you better check Episode 21 to see what we’re talking about
02:14 Are gold or platinum records award still being given?
02:42 Definitely, no one wants a gold iPod instead
02:49 David C talks about his escapade in the Abbey Road Studios and at the Abbey Road crossing
04:28 There is a website that shows the video camera monitoring the crossing
04:43 Indeed, Abbey road is one of the things that has a mark in the music industry and will never change
04:57 In the realm of marketing though, there are many changes and these may include databases and email lists
05:07 Years ago, card entries inside the magazines are being sent out
05:57 And then there is a separate marketing research body that will gather the details once the people respond
06:44 But to day, we will talk about how people came about building their database and contact list
07:13 People still want to acquire personal information and methods to add them to their database
07:27 Contact lists are now electronic
07:48 We all know that social media is a giant database
08:18 For a example in Facebook, you can use a plug-in to mine the information from your competitors
08:31 You can save it as a .csv and import it in your page and market directly to them
08:57 And that is not illegal
09:32 You won’t be getting a detailed information at first but the Facebook number that represents that person and that’s all you need to target your ad
10:14 By encouraging them to visit your page, you may encourage them to your website and to opt in in your newsletter
10:49 Some people want to get it in all one go but David P tells that you have to get the customer slowly
11:16 And you have to present that they should be getting benefits by signing up to your list
11:51 Some people are concerned participating in databases and one reason is keeping their safety
12:08 You should make it easy for people
12:52 It is about building relationship
12:54 You cannot just make gold on the first day out and they should know you first
13:06 What you want is to break the relationship they have right now and go with you instead
13:52 We will be stepping aside from the manual pains of adding people to your contact list and we will be going digital
14:16 Another option to get people to become part of your list is through website
14:21 If on your website you don’t have a device to capture people’s information, you’re letting good opportunities
14:39 There seems to be no website that doesn’t have a contact us page
14:48 And these should be attached to a database to capture their information
15:01 You need to get a double opt-in to make sure that you have their permission to be part of your list
15:32 If you got product from your website, you should be gathering their data
16:18 Our Davids use plug-ins at the back end of their webpages to get these information
17:03 Usually there are connecting points around the websites to get more information by signing up
17:27 Unfortunately, these subscription buttons are underused since it doesn’t give out the benefit why would people join
18:02 Give someone a reason to encourage them to sign up to your list
18:37 Be wary of the opt-in bait though because you may just be offering something that has no real value
19:20 You don’t want to piss off your customers
19:46 If people click on the sign in page, instead of people putting in their details you can have a pop-up info, may it be a video or info telling the benefits
20:40 The person then has 2 options: either to sign up or close the window
21:09 But once people clicked to continue, they can be directed to a page to fill out their details without being distracted by other information
21:24 It is called conversion rate optimization where you convert web visitors to sign up or purchase something
22:01 The only pop-up that can be annoying is when the webpage asks you if you want to leave the site
22:26 However, it is another option to hold the customer before totally leaving and thus you have a chance to offer again
22:53 It can be annoying but investigate to test if it works
23:08 David C talks about a client who set up an iPad right at the counter where people can sign up for their newsletter and gives them a chance to win $50
23:52 It is short and just ask for the important details like name, phone number and email address
24:09 You can get more information at a latter time
24:13 David P shares that he recently bought a new database
24:45 When important contacts on a database, the system checks for the legalities of the information
25:08 You cannot just put in the details of people from the business cards they left as they have not double opt-in to be part of your list
25:14 The most you can do is to add them on the list but you cannot send them anything
25:26 Be careful with what the system allows or not
26:20 People used to be buying databases
26:34 But if you’re going to import it in a customer management system, you may not be able to do it because some reject bought databases
27:04 Canada for example has a very strict anti-spamming law
27:55 If you haven’t been in contact with the person for a year, they will be very reluctant to be part of your database
28:22 David C shares about the client who ttok 18 months to build a list and then sent out a first email asking people to opt in for a third time or unsubscribe by replying Unsubscribe
29:02 Out of the 6 thousands, there are no people who sent unsubscribe but 15 people reported it as a spam
29:15 They received emails from the provider saying that such percentage reporting for spam is unacceptable and may have his list blocked
29:46 You have to be careful if you get more than 1 in a thousand
29:56 Wrap up
30:01 We had 67 previous episodes in the past and to check on those, please visit www.davidversusdavid.com
30:26 You can also contact us through our facebook page, www.facebook.com/davidversusdavid
30:33 Leave us a glowing review in iTunes
30:42 You can also visit our personal sites. David Counsell’s www.infernopromotions.com.au and David Pritchards’ www.d10solutions.com
30:53 Goodbye from Paradise!

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