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Ep. 114. How to start your own marketing videos

Your phone's camera is not just for selfies, but it can take good marketing videos too!
Your phone’s camera is not just for selfies, but it can take good marketing videos too!

According to the hit song, the video killed the radio star. In this digital age, technology has raised the bar for video viewing. Now, there has been multiple mediums for showing videos. People no longer have to sit in front of television sets to watch their favorite shows nor agencies are contained in tv commercials to advertise products. In this podcast, David Counsell and David Pritchard talks about shooting your own video and getting into public viewing.

Wherever you may be or whatever you may be doing, you have the capabilities of watching videos immediately, and that is through your mobile devices. Eventually, most if not all business can be found at your fingertips and you don’t to get behind. Listen to their conversation and learn how easy it is to publish your own video content.

In this Episode

01:17 Welcome to David versus David
01:31 The podcast for small to medium business that talks about all things marketing and advertising
03:29 Let’s talk about the best practices for creating video content
03:42 How important it is to create video content?
03:54 What are the things you need to create video content?
04:15 How advanced has technology took place in creating video?
04:35 You can create video using your mobile phone
04:54 Where, when and how do people consume video?
05:48 More businesses are using videos to convey their message across
06:06 How can video back up your writtenstatements?
06:17 How can you use the written words to draw people in watching the video?
06:45 How to attract more people to watch your video content?
06:59 Don’t use random images to represent video
07:34 How to make your video catch the attention of the people?
08:55 You make reasonable videos that are necessarily expensive
09:12 What are the pointers to grab people’s attention with your videos?
09:41 What is the purpose of video thumbnail?
10:01 Start your video with a script
10:39 Write scripts in dot points
11:02 Don’t treat your videos as live television
11:37 Start editing your videos
12:05 A script can help you with your delivery
13:09 Are you cramming everything in one video?
13:29 What are B rolls or cut-aways?
14:35 Focus on the entertainment and information value
14:57 Break up your videos
15:09 Give people reason to go back to you
16:12 Make use of video statistics to know how long people are staying to watch your video
17:42 As you practice, your ability to shoot videos becomes faster
18:46 How much time or money should you spend for your videos?
19:12 Think of ways on how to make your videos creative
19:34 think of videos as a marketing tool more than an advertising tool
19:41 How much footage should you be shooting?
20:44 Don’t bore your audience
20:52 How would you hook your audience in the first few seconds?
21:24 Make use of lighting that’s around you
22:38 Go outside and shoot but be careful of wind noise
22:56 What is 3-point lighting?
23:46 Go out and shoot outside
24:19 Don’t become a big black blob on your videos
25:35 You can make a good start with proper lighting
26:34 Make your audio clear with a good microphone
27:30 Please use a tripod
27:47 You too can record videos straight from your computer
29:15 How do you plan your shots?
29:31 What are the common type of videos that can be used for marketing?
30:45 How can you use the products you sell in creating your videos?
32:47 Make your video short and sweet
33:01 How can you make videos for suggestive selling?
33:49 Follow these steps in creating your video and you’ll be surprised how much you can do
34:14 Technology has made video shooting accessible to more people
35:01 All business will eventually all move up in to making videos and you don’t want to get behind