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EP.91. Quality web content isn’t enough. Bring on the SEO techniques


Don’t just paint the site red, but pave the road to build traffic.
Don’t just paint the site red, but pave the road to build traffic.

In the world of the Internet, infrastructures can practically sprout from anywhere. And we’re talking about websites which can include yours. These pages can be all be beautiful, with great content but what is a wonderful destination if there are no visitors flocking in to check it out? What you need is to develop traffic that will lead people right on that spot.

David Counsell and David Pritchard answer yet again another query on how to make people find your website. It is a great deal that our question sender already provides quality content on a regular basis, but why isn’t that enough? Well, you need to build bridges, highways and roads to people get to you. And of course don’t forget about the signposts that Google would employ to guide them to you. So, consider this discussion as a GPS to help you find your way in making your website busier. Hop on board and have a listen.

In this Podcast

01:58 We will be continuing from our Q&A last week where we discussed branding and marketing for the high-end market
02:25 Our first question: How do you build traffic on a website where content is constantly updated?
02:56 How do you get people go to your website?
03:16 There are a lot of people who puts out lots of good content but you should help yourself get found
03:54 Exhaust the power of social media, may it be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ or others more
04:13 Where do your target customers frequent
04:22 Should you consider paying to boost your posts?
04:48 Make use of the fans of the companies that you’d like to deal business with
05:43 Find business advantages in groups whom you can follow
06:01 Hashtags in social media are a good way to find your posts
06:25 Go to the places where your target readers are
07:04 How can you rank better in Google searches?
07:23 Google can drive people to your site and so as Social media
07:37 What are the kind of articles that are being shared?
07:51 How can you put up search keywords in your website?
08:03 Start doing keyword research to target phrases to drive traffic
08:24 What are the long tail keywords?
09:45 People share relevant articles to their friends
10:16 Why do you need to look in the competition and the competitor you;ll be facing?
11:41 Great job in putting regular content
12:11 Videos help you generate traffic
12:35 Photos can also be posted in Social Media sites that will lead back to your website
12:58 Do you know that you can now also promote in soundcloud and in slideshare?
13:20 Advertising is like a jigsaw puzzle where you need to put all the pieces together to get the larger picture
13:34 Ask for help, use your network
14:08 Once you post in Facebook, post simultaneously in other social media accounts
14:51 Develop a process in posting in other social media accounts
15:45 Have you though optimizing your individual posts?
15:59 What is your favorite WordPress plug-in for SEO?
16:31 Yoast is a comprehensive plug-in that makes the key phrases are found on the right places
16:56 It can also generate site maps which Google is looking for
18:24 But can automated SEO keywords may not be good for you, too?
19:16 Many of the WordPress theme are consistently being updated
20:38 Make sure that wordpress theme allows you to manually adds the title and make that the focus
20:58 The title, heading and content are all important to Google
21:13 Google keeps on refining its algorithm
21:40 Google hates being manipulated
22:45 Good content isn’t enough for you to get found. You need these SEO techniques to help you
23:26 How can you avoid fake offers that promises top spot in the searches?
24:00 Utilize forums and groups
24:21 Do you know that LinkedIn has specific groups?
25:04 You want to create a slow trickle that would turn to a river
26:40 Work on your niche
27:05 Utilize an email list
27:34 Do you think you can develop a course that would make people join?
28:28 These are interesting nuggets of advice that you apply on your won
28:46 For next week, watch out for our very important discussion
29:00 On April 21, Google will have a massive change that will affect websites that are not mobile-friendly
29:25 See for yourself if you will pass the Google test
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EP.82. Getting in the business sphere with LinkedIn


Are there any cat videos on LinkedIn? Unlike facebook and twitter, LinkedIn has a serious and formal impression and is generally used as an online resume. It is where you put your skills, credentials, and other people’s endorsements of you. How can you utilize this platform as a marketing tool? This week, David Pritchard and…Continue Reading