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Ep.40. Cause there’s more to branding than how your logo looks

Time to peel off that branding and take a better look to your total packaging
Time to peel off that branding and take a better look to your total packaging

As they say, beauty is skin deep and it is true in business, because branding is more than just your beautiful shop or colorful logo. In this episode, David and David talks about branding and how it is a total package of your business, not for your liking but for your customers’ needs.

Found that great spot for advertisement and are ready to jump over the bandwagon of mass campaigns? Better hold your horses and listen to the discussion first. As the old practice apply, the medium is the message and nowadays, there’s lots of them so better start learning.

In this Podcast

00:00 Opener
00:20 Greetings!
01:22 Some technical difficulties with the audio causing David C to sound like a booming giant and David P as Peter the meek, mild bunny
01:52 We will be talking about self promotion and everything behind your branding
02:04 It is pretty busy in Australia as businesses are picking up after the national and state elections
02:35 Meanwhile in London, all the polls are up
02:54 New businesses are starting up
03:05 In a business exhibition in London last week, there’s an area for selected new business which was set up for free
03:43 These activities promote a positive buzz in the market
04:35 More and more shops are being opened and less empty ones
04:48 Even in the outskirt of London, the effect of depression is dwindling down
05:42 In Berlin though there seems to be more empty shops
05:58 In New South Wales in Queensland, small towns in Australia, there are relatively closed shops because they only cater to an 800 or less population
06:33 But in general, people are trying to build up businesses again
07:06 Soon enough, they too need to build up their branding
07:26 In some parts of London, there seems to be more and more French business popping out than the local stores
07:52 Most of these shops are food businesses
08:15 There are more local English franchises though than famous international brands
08:26 However, starting last year, more independent trades are being opened perhaps these are the people who may have lost their regular jobs and are willing to start alone
10:02 A shout out to the place called, Byron, a very good hamburger chain
10:34 They must truly appreciate the shout out and they too can send in their burgers
10:41 Our apologies again for the failing microphone
11:07 Byron has a really good branding setting out who they are http://www.byronhamburgers.com
11:57 It is good service top with excellent food
12:12 They have clearly sat down and made sure that their branding is cascaded to all employees
12:31 It is important to who your business is and who are you talking to
12:48 If people don’t engage, they don’t spend
13:04 Branding is not just about the look or your logo
13:33 Brand personality and brand appeal goes hand in hand to get through to your target market
13:51 Choosing the media before the message is just totally wrong
14:33 Are you making your business for you or for your customer?
14:59 You need to please your customers and not yourself
15:40 You need to build your passion around your business for that to last many years
16:11 If you don’t love what you do and don’t love the people you appeal to and just focus on making money, then you miss the point
17:02 Branding vs call to action
17:12 Large companies implement branding advertisement that affect the deciding factors of the end consumers
17:40 The 10-second buying cycle of McDonald’s
17:52 For small business, you don’t have enough money to burn on that kind of branding and should resort to call to action
18:27 You are giving them a direct outcome of what you want to achieve
20:52 Having a plan and knowing the business can help you select your advertisements
21:12 David C shares that a fitness center owner doesn’t advertise in 2 months in a year because those were busy time for them
21:53 In the other 3 months though, he needs to advertise heavily and may cross over from branding to call to action
23:02 His savings for those 2 months casn then be allocated for other expenses
24:30 Ask yourself, “What made you decide to take on this form of advertising? Does it fit your need?”
24:45 “Who are you talking to?”
24:51 David C shares that he knows a car dealer who got a good price for a back page of newspaper advertising for 9 weeks but had totally no concept of what is the profile of the readers of the back page
26:02 A good deal without a purpose may end up bad and costing you more money
28:44 It is easy to waste money in advertising that is why it is important you ask help form professionals
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31:34 Goodbyes!