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Ep.19. Become A Masterchef With Our Keywords Recipe

Slice through your keywords and find the most suitable ones for your purpose.
Slice through your keywords and find the most suitable ones for your purpose.

In this Episode, David Counsell and David Pritchard is joined by another (soon-to-be) David, self-proclaimed tech geek, Brent Hodgson. He is one of the people behind Market Samurai, an effective tool for keywords analysis.

Picking up from last weeks episode, you are now on the process of setting up your online store. Have a listen now on our three Davids and learn how keywords can greatly help your site and land on top of people’s searches.

In this Podcast

00:00 Introduction
01:38 Recap of last week’s episode
02:45 Phoning a friend
03:08 Naming Brent Hodgson as David
03:35 Keywords research
04:15 The Market Samurai, a keyword research tool
06:35 Explaining keywords
07:42 How to get the customers in line through SEO
08:50 Websites should be income generating
09:30 Using keywords to your advantage
10:02 Getting online traffic
10:58 Naming everyone David just comes out naturally
11:10 Selecting popular keywords for you
12:30 Competitive keywords
13:10 Listing keywords relevant to your business
14:25 Finding the imbalance in the market
15:05 Importance of keywords relevance
15:45 Targeting specific searches
16:50 Targeting problem-related searches
17:15 Gauging the online competition
18:30 Fighting smaller competitors vs. tougher competitors
19:55 Hundred of thousands of competitors?
22:10 Diversity of keywords
24:35 Weaving a spider web using valuable keywords
25:42 How to select the right keywords?
26:27 Grab a copy of Market Samurai
28:38 Is the market research expensive?
29:48 Looking after your keywords
31:16 Recap of the keyword research
33:58 Importance of keyword research
35:17 Building a website is opening another shop
36:14 Looking for professional help
36:51 Brent is actually a rockstar
37:53 Wrapping up
38:14 Go to our website www.DavidversusDavid and our facebook page, www.facebook.com/davidversusdavid
38:31 Thanks to the people who liked our page
38:58 Please give us a 5 star rating
39:25 Goodbyes!

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