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Ep. 38 Multiple streams of income from your core business

Start building different path of earnings from your business now.
Start building different path of earnings from your business now.

Having a good-running business is what most entrepreneurs are aspiring of. And we all are dreaming of that. But won’t it be better that through your main services or products, you are starting to build another streams of income. And in fact, it can be totally different from what you are managing right now. In this episode, David and David talks about building authority and credibility that leads to passive income.

Guides and instructional materials are a good support to your business but did you know that it can be another source of money? Want to know how can you start doing so? Listen to the podcast and start planning out for your business even further.

In this Podcast

00:00 Opener
01:04 Greetings
01:40 How is Tasmania like England?
02:40 The word Tasmania coming from the Dutch during the exploration era
03:27 Let’s talk about having a second stream of income from the product or services your built
04:39 Ryan Spanger who has been a previous feature speaker in our podcast is a videographer and has become a go-to-guy in all aspects of video by producing guides
06:18 Another mate, Brent, invented a piece of software and used his knowledge to travel around the world
07:15 There is a market in producing guides and informative products
07:44 This can produce a passive income stream coming from your main business
08:09 You can make instructional videos and post it on the website along with your products
09:09 You are also building authority for yourself and thus, your customers become more loyal to you
09:33 Presenting your book is a great way to introduce your product
09:46 An e-book may even replace your calling card
10:40 That passive product may have the potential to be bigger than your business
10:54 Ask yourself: How important is it for your customers?
11:25 Australians and English may not be good in asking questions
12:01 David C shares his experience when he used to speak to many people
12:32 You can post polls or survey to have some anonymity
12:58 Do it because you want to help the customers and add value to the service
13:29 The next question is How valuable is it?
13:40 David C talks about the guy who created and sold e-book for his services, thus reaching more customers and creating a another stream of income that doesn’t affect his main business
14:08 He is a guy who provide services by letting people how can they save on electricity up to $ 800
16:39 His website is powerbillstoohigh.com.au
17:54 Another good question is if it is done online or done offline?
18:22 It can be done in both ways
18:25 David P shares his experience of his own marketing
20:47 David P made an info guide about the core essential elements of a website
22:29 This guide can be combined with other people’s guide and can be turned to a book
22:40 There’s always a market for stuff
23:30 David C talks about property investing
24:35 David C made a manual on property investing primarily for his children and then eventually became a go-to-guy on this topic
26:26 His passion for property investing is a different business from this advertising and that builds another source of income
26:29 This is the same with Brent’s. More information can be found at www.packandhack.com

27:18 David P also mentions about the business his wife set-up
28:40 From this episode springs new interesting topic like how to market for your second stream business or is it just a funnel to gather people to your main business and the likes.
28:54 Establishing a second stream income should be started as early as possible
31:28 Starting early seems like winning the lottery as part of your retirement plan
31:43 Did you know that in Australia, the chance of winning in lottery is 14,000,000:1
32:10 Wrapping up of topics of this episode
32:40 Seize every opportunity!
32:54 Just do it!
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33:51 Goodbyes!