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EP.100. Top 10 tips to Improve your Small Business

Your business, though tiring, shouldn’t exhaust you. Get your team hop on board and see how much they contribute to your success.
Your business, though tiring, shouldn’t exhaust you. Get your team hop on board and see how much they contribute to your success.

Yes, you read the title right, we are now on our 100th episode! It has been a milestone for your weekly dose of insightful discussions and helpful ideas that talks about everything about small to medium businesses. David Counsell and David Pritchard gives out another interesting discussion as we get to reach 10 of the list on how to improve your small business. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or been staying long in our industry, this episode will surely be beneficial to you.

In this Episode

00:54 Welcome to this very special episode of David versus David
01:10 It is our 100th podcast, our centenary
03:32 Lets talk about 10 Tips to Improve your Small Business
04:41 If you’re running a business, it can’t be static
04:45 It’s either your business is running better or it us running slower
05:30 Tip #1 – Keep track of what’s going on with your business
05:45 It can be a list of your sales or financial statements
07:14 Tracking your numbers on a daily basis and writing it down is the key
08:03 You can also take not of good ideas that comes up from your team
09:13 Tip #2 – Goal Setting
09:50 If you don’t have goals, you can’t achieve them
10:38 Tip #3 – Get a high impact and low cost on your marketing and advertising
11:02 Start measuring your marketing by cost per thousand
11:06 “How much does it cost you to reach a thousand people?”
11:51 Measuring includes radio, tv, and online marketing
13:31 How would you know how many people are you reaching when you roll out a campaign?
14:10 Tip #4 – Mastering business presentation
14:33 How do you communicate your business to solve other people’s business?
15:23 How do you present your business in 30 seconds or less?
16:09 If you can summarize your business statement in 1-2 sentences, then you have elevated your sales pitch
16:40 In power point presentation, do you still read everything written on the slides?
17:47 Tip #5 – Improve your ability to monitor the trends in your industry
17:56 If you think nothing has changed in your industry, look again
18:12 Like 7 years go, before the iPhone, apps did not exist
18:35 Are you involved in the networks in your community or with other businesses?
19:52 The trend right now shows an increase in mobile usage
20:16 Back in December, mobile browsing has gone up ahead desktop browsing
20:38 Tip #6 – Sharpen up your selling skills
22:46 Sales is more than just knocking in someone else’s door
23:03 Engage more in the different platforms of communication
23:48 Tip #7 – Are you doing things to the level of best practice?
24:02 More efficient way can bring you more money
24:12 Test your system
25:20 Tip #8 – You need your staff to be motivated and keep them all on board
26:15 Motivated staff makes money
26:57 It is your job as the manager and the owner to motivate them
27:15 Tip #9 – Know when you need other people to get involved
27:21 Do you know your limits?
28:47 get other people on board
29:16 Are you a supervisor or a superman?
30:07 Tip #10 – Take a break. Make sure you look after yourself
20:47 Refresh and get back to your business with that burning passion
31:52 That was 10 tips to help you with your business
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