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Ep.65. Seeking opportunity with Hijack Marketing

Hate to see that queue? We love to see those prospects.
Hate to see that queue? We love to see those prospects.

Marketing and Advertising is always an exciting thing to do to your business. It is being in front of the line of the competition and jumping through the hurdles. But there’s this kind of marketing that involves just jumping at the back of other businesses. In this episode of David versus David, David Counsell and David Pritchard talk about Hijack Marketing, what it’s all about and some of the most practical ways to apply it to your business.

Have you taken advantage of a recent event that involves a flock people? Have you contacted other business to have a mutual benefit with your advertising. Have you been targeting groups of people that come to certain gathering at specific times? These are just some of the best venues to apply hijack marketing that you can make use for your business. And just like this podcast, take advantage of these tips so click on the link and start learning.

In this Episode

00:00 Opener
00:42 Welcome to another episode of David versus David
01:10 Greetings from UK and Australia
01:18 It’s another great day to talk about marketing and advertising
01:36 As we are recording this, it is the week that the iphone 6 and 6+ was released
01:43 They sold 10 million units for the first weekend
01:51 In fact, David C has one
02:07 He pre-ordered an iPhone 6 online while his other mate was ordering a 6+ 5 minutes earlier than him
02:12 And he received an immediate email saying that it is sold out and he has to wait until middle of October
02:36 Since shops don’t have thousand of thousand of units, their stocks was immediately sold out too
02:50 It is indeed a massive success for Apple
02:55 In Australia, they sold more units in the first weekend than they did in the for the first week
03:22 It is a good phone, fast, brilliant screen and light
03:50 Although David P is not quite jumping about it, he too will get it in a little while to replace his 4s
04:06 And for this week’s episode, we will be talking about Hijack Marketing
04:17 What we talked about Apple’s release is a great venue for Hijack Marketing
04:19 Since Apple has already assembled a mass of people around the world, what did you do to get your message in fron tof those many people?
04:33 did you even look out to think if they can be your potential customers?
04:52 We are not suggesting that you should be handing out brochures of competing mobile phones because that ain’t sure gonna work
05:04 If you sell covers for example, why didn’t you leafleted all of those people so that they walk from that shop to your shop
05:27 Hijack Marketing is jumping on the back of the efforts that somebody has done
05:40 You can think of something that these people would like to buy
05:51 One of the instant thing is to have them to you your online shop and purchase
06:21 There are 10 million people who already has the new iPhone 6
06:33 And upon checking YouTube, there are already 1.49 million videos of unpacking their new unit
07:10 There are 2 ads that appear on the top of one of the videos, an ad of a competing mobile phone, Samsung S5 and a telephone company offering a $450 credit to change to their network
07:34 You should share it in social media to share a wider audience
07:51 It’s all about disseminating information, building a relationship and providing an opportunity to make that sale
07:59 Another type of Hijack Marketing is Co-op marketing
08:11 It is when the business whom you buy something from provides marketing assistance so that you can promote their products through your products
08:20 They can provide promotional materials like posters, banner ads for using online or sample emails or value add you can give to people
08:50 Some give money or Co-op dollars and they call it local area marketing funds
09:00 Yes they can promote their products but what’s more important is that they bring people in
09:36 Co-op marketing was big in the past in UK and is still being used this time
09:39 If you’re a physical shops, many businesses wants to save the effort so you help them display your products
10:17 Another would be great venue is a sports events
10:23 Corporate hospitality like sponsoring for 10-20 people and in return, they got a big promotion in the local newspaper
10:46 Another example is through exhibitions
10:53 You go to an exhibition and look around who is there
11:04 Let’s say you are at a computer exhibition and you sell computers
11:11 Find the guy who sells software and make a proposal to get their cards so that you can offer it to your customers once their in your shop
11:30 In return, if your customers doesn’t have a computer or needs an update, give them my card
11:44 Instead of them looking for ransom people, the customers then will have a good referral
12:15 It is an instant contact that will work for mutual benefit
12:53 Another example we can touch on is David P’s son and his soccer team
13:00 The local team has brought in people each game and there are different soccer fields
13:32 You can leaflet to those people and provide them with a specific offer
14:10 what you’re looking for is the customer that will visit your shop in quantifiable time
14:39 You can use the scarcity technique to make it more effective
14:46 Let’s say you are a local coffee shop and about half a mile away form the area
14:59 You can make an offer that appeals to the parents and benefits the child
15:25 You want to control when are these people coming
15:49 Our 2 types of Hijack Marketing involve working directly with the suppliers and the other is you work explicitly with your customers
16:25 Another great technique of Hijack Marketing, say you are a mechanic, get a heap of your fliers and insert them to the books that talk about fixing cars
16:44 Or if you are a shop that sells baby stuff, put in your fliers inside books that talk about parenting
17:00 More people are also doing it online by offering a value add
17:31 David P is quite familiar with this process as he works with affiliate marketing
17:41 When there is something new happening on the product, you can offer that if people come to you, you ca provide them your bonus
18:39 At the peak of the event coming out, you can optimize your SEO or roll out your ads
19:40 You should be prepared with stocks too once the people come running in to your shop
19:59 Make sure also that you got their details so that you can make a follow-up
20:04 David C talks about their least findings about a car yard’s marketing strategy
20:22 If the other business nearby is having an event.,they set up huge ads 3 days earlier and can increase their sale by 20 units for that weekend
21:26 The other business is totally a different business but brings the same profile of people that the car yards need
22:12 The objective is not to spend the money but to earn money
22:26 Make sure that the offers are congruent to the profiles of people you are targeting
22:44 If you got a Facebook page for your business and then there are other pages of businesses that you have relationship with, then you too can approach them to post your events on their wall
23:19 You can offer that same offer to be done on your page
23:54 All marketing is good marketing and Hijack Marketing is good marketing
24:12 it also very cost-effective
24:19 Wrapping up
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25:14 It’s time to put the squirrels away and our rabbits to rest
25:20 Goodbyes!