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EP. 95. Focusing on copywriting


If copywriting is at the core of your marketing, who writes yours?
If copywriting is at the core of your marketing, who writes yours?

All the words you see in an ad, everything mentioned in the tv or radio plug, even the headlines you read in the various online marketing tool are based on a Copy. In your business, who writes that compelling set of words that sell?

In this podcast, David Counsell and David Pritchard give us a follow up from last week’s discussion of USP. After you have determined the core reason for your business, it is time to use it as a reference to your promotional ads. But how would you start writing one? How can you make sure that the copy will put people to action? Here are a few tips to help you start writing your own copy. But always remember, copy can be crucial so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Have a listen now and larn the things where you can start from.

In this Episode
00:57 Welcome to David versus David
02:34 If having a podcast lets you reach more people in your business, then you should definitely do it
02:53 Even if there are only 60 people listens, you are still massively ahead than having nothing
04:14 You can choose the length and format of your podcast
05:15 We can discuss that further in the future, why and how to use podcast in your business
05:21 Continuing from last week discussion of USP, we will now talk about Copywriting
06:15 That is writing the marketing, sales, ad or even audio copy
06:24 It is the art of writing the words that sell your products
07:04 Establishing your USP is the first building block of copywriting
08:25 So how do you write compelling copy? Who do you write it for?
08:47 Can surveys help you?
08:58 What is the language of your customers and what will you use?
10:41 If you have a USP and you can put a name to it, that is fantastic
10:52 Copywriting should start with a brief
11:37 Are you more comfortable using a pen and paper or with typing?
12:27 How can a mind map help you out?
13:50 Even a book author use a mind map software
14:40 Write your attention-grabbing headline
16:07 Headlines can be related to benefits and how you can solve problems
17:06 Clever is clever but you want something that works
17:23 Here is a quick 4 steps that will help you write your copy
17:48 Don’t write a copy that will solve all problems. Focus
18:42 It works really well with Google Ads
19:33 You can have multiple web landing pages, each one different from the problems it solve
20:47 It’s a rookie mistake to do everything all at once
20:59 Where do you place your call-to-action?
21:24 Can you brand and call to action at once?
21:46 Don’t spend money just for the sake of spending money
22:19 It should be clear what you want people after reading the copy
23:18 Skip the pleasantry. Be direct
24:36 You want people to do it now and not later
25:35 Give them an offer they can’t refuse
26:27 After everything is done, test and measure
26:53 You want to know if what you are doing is giving you results
28:09 Copywriting, whatever form it takes, is crucial
28:23 If you can’t make it yourself. Find one who can
28:54 Good copywriters are worth a fortune
29:30 IF you can see the increase in your sales, then it is definitely worth the wait
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