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EP.27. Why there are better rewards than carrot sticks

You are not just a rabbit after the carrot. You are a successful person working towards the goal.
You are not just a rabbit after the carrot. You are a successful person working towards the goal.

Previously, we have discussed goal settings and how those can help propel you business. In this week’s episode, David and David share their thoughts on how to work with a plan and develop your good habits to keep working towards your goal.

Give it a listen and start plotting your activities to develop that routine. Correct repetition is the way to mastery and you’re just 21 days behind. Eventually, you won’t need a stick to run after that carrot.

In this Podcast

00:00 Introduction
02:00 Your business problems are not unique, only the location differs
03:11 Different issues in small businesses
03:55 A talk about habits
05:13 Aplan behind a habit
05:42 A habit is there for a purpose
06:05 A change brought by Google Hummingbird
07:01 Content will rake your website up or down
07:21 Plan out what you’re writing about
08:39 Procrastination: Enemy of a habit
09:33 Developing a routine
10:46 It hurt your business for not taking action
11:13 A plan is the antidote to procrastination
12:09 Using a diary
13:27 Example of procrastinating
15:24 Breaking them into small steps
15:50 Using software to organize thoughts for inputs
16:55 Can be traditional and use pen and paper
17:11 Other examples of note-taking apps
18:20 The search for the best writing tool in outer space
19:10 Autoresponders are great habit former
20:21 Do your preferred habit-forming techniques
21:42 Making people respond in a timely manner
24:50 Setting expectations of bars with the happy hour
25:16 Pizza restaurants promotions techniques
26:17 It only takes 3 weeks to form a habit
27:21 A habit is doing something more than once
28:01 Train people in a routine
28:38 DON’T DO DRUGS! (Can’t stress it enough)
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29:15 Our thank you to all our listeners and for your 5 star reviews
30:25 Goodbyes!