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Ep.104. Marketing and Advertising on a fast track


Marketing and advertising is one thing we’d never get tired of. Join us as we go down the list of the hottest topics on our first 52 episodes.
Marketing and advertising is one thing we’d never get tired of. Join us as we go down the list of the hottest topics on our first 52 episodes.

Today is another milestone for our podcast as we reached our 104th episode or, our second year anniversary! How time flies indeed as it feels like yesterday when the first episode was recorded. Every week has been a great time talking about marketing best fit for small to medium businesses. Advertising can be expensive, difficult and complicated. But David Counsell and David Pritchard try to provide the tricks and hacks to make it marketing work for you. In the span of 52 weeks, we have talked about online marketing, the power of Google and even touching on the main media. Join us as we get down with some of our favorites or perhaps the ones that are truly gold. It sure is a quick informative drive especially if you’re just starting out. Click now and have a listen.

In this Episode

01:04 Welcome to a very special episode of David versus David
01:20 It is our 2nd birthday, delivering the podcast for small to medium businesses in its 2nd year
02:46 Today, we will be doing a review of the topics or the most favorite ones we did in the past years
03:43 Recording Episode 1 was kind of frightening but much like in business, you just have to go and do it
04:29 You got to do it and beat your fears in your business hurdles
05:37 By the time you overcome the first one, you‘ll eventually get used to it
06:09 Quite a lot has changed in Phone directories from how we discussed it on Ep.04 Are you spending too much on Phone Directories
07:59 Talking about phone directories is definitely worth a revisit
08:19 We also had a handful of guests on the show like in our EP.10. What Phone Directory don’t want you to know, we had Michael Hanson
09:21 We often say that blogging is a good way to talk about your business
10:46 With blogging you are telling a story and provides information that can be useful to your target market. It was on Ep 15. If Nana’s and Hipsters Can Do It, You can too, Blogging for business
11:13 Another favorite episode was EP. 21. How can Lady Gaga help your videos where we had a guest, Ryan Spanger. He stressed the importance of having a good story
11:40 Ryan talked about using documentary as a framework for his marketing videos
13:24 Our guests provided really good tips on how to become the go-to-guy in your industry
13:47 Our Ep. 36 Are you a go-to-guy? talks about being the authority in your field or industry
14:07 You want to be the person that people go to should they have any questions that pertains to the service or products you offer
15:15 The more you share your knowledge, people pick it up
15:43 How would you share content and information through social media?
16:27 Another go-to-guy we had over was Mike Rhodes, a master in Google Adwrods. Listen to him on EP. 47. Adwords, Bits, Campaigns: The continuation of the ABC of AdWords
16:57 When you want to learn more about Google Advertising then have a listen to EP. 46 The AdWords Guides for Small to Medium Business and Ep. 49 If you can’t get client the first time, then Remarketing will bring them back
18:55 Remember that time David Prtichard pretended to be David Counsell’s potential client, walking in to his office. Check those at Episode 18, Episode 19 and Episode 20
19:45 Also, we get to talk with Brent Hodgson who helped us to understand website and how it worked with Google at EP 19
21:24 There we learned the importance of studying keyword research
22:22 We also had another series of podcast having Mike Rhodes on Episodes 46, 47 and 49 where he talked about AdWords
23:00 We also talked about the powerful medium of radio at Ep. 6 What makes a great radio ad
23:22 If you are one of the people who loves showcasing your products or services, then EP 41 Are you an exhibitionist? is a must for you
25:06 Join us again next week as we pick out stand outs episode for the 2nd year
25:34 Check out all our episodes in our website at www.davidversusdavid.com
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26:13 You can also leave nice glowing 5-star review in iTunes
26:20 You too can check our own websites, David Counsell’s www.infernopromotions.com.au And David Pritchard’s www.d10solutions.com

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