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Ep. 70. Google flying local with Pigeon

Whether flying solo or in flocks, Pigeon is heading your home
Whether flying solo or in flocks, Pigeon is heading your home

A little while back, Google has introduced the addition to their line up of farm animals or algorithm house, the Pigeon. David Counsell and David Pritchard has lightly touched how Google emerged as the top search engines against it’s competitors 15 years ago. The release of this recent update is a plain manifestation of their goal to remain on top.

Just like our weekly podcast whose target are the small to medium businesses, local industries benefit more with this recent update. To get to know more about the changes and how you can play into equal footing with the large players, join in the discussion and have a listen. We’re sure you’ll say, “That’ll do, Pigeon. That’ll do.”

In this Episode

00:00 Opener
00:47 Welcome to David versus David, the podcast for small to medium businesses discussing everything about their marketing and advertising
01:01 Greetings from UK and Tasmania
01:53 It’s been a while since we covered something about search engines
02:12 A little while back, Google introduced another farm animal, Google Pigeon
03:08 Google is releasing these new algorithms update to stay top on their game being the number 1 search engine
04:00 When David C was using Netscape before, someone recommended him Google and he never turn back
04:40 Someone said that the new update is called pigeon because they always fly in flocks and it’s to do when data travels in flocks
05:23 The previous updates, Panda and Penguin, aimed to remove the spammy types of websites
05:40 Websites that were removed from the search engines were full of crappy content
06:41 Websites with manipulative links were removed
07:01 With pigeon, local searches are being affected
07:08 Larry Page, on of the 2 guys of Google who also heads the algorithm department, will be handing over his leadership to someone else later this year
08:07 If you’re in the hospitality industry, there has been a 28% growth in terms of being searched because of Pigeon
08:46 Food industry has 19% growth
09:05 Fitness has 1.2% boost
09:15 On the other hand, job searches has a 68% decline
09:47 Real estate searches has gone backwards by 63%
11:02 Movies went back by 36% and Insurance dropped also
11:37 It’s so easy to stuff keywords in the insurance documents
12:03 Pigeon is thinning the herd for all the people whose doing the wrong thing and promotes the local business back in to play
12:54 Local businesses can get into equal footing with these multinational businesses
13:18 Get a link of Google maps to your website just so people can easily find you and also, Google will reward you for using their products
14:13 Another product to use is Google My Business
14:25 One thing to register to is a Google+ page
14:59 Play Google’s game and the benefit will be to you
15:27 Pigeon also favors the largely established directories sites
15:40 Google Questions works like a forum where people can post questions and answers
16:11 Google liked their version but Yahoo Answers is still an established directory that provide a positive link to your webpage
16:32 Panda crushed website that benefited from link farms
16:57 Pigeon will mark up websites that got links in good forums and provide answers to people
17:33 If you got a link to someone else’s website and they got a link from your website, that counts for zero
18:11 If you’re a local business, be specific with your location when listing your business page
18:40 You may get less traffic but the traffic you will get will be of quality
19:40 More people coming in to your website may consume your bandwidth but what you want are bonafide searchers coming to you
21:09 You got to put the suburbs details in to your content and not in to the listing otherwise, Google will rank you down
22:23 Playing the wrong game will slide you down
22:24 Google wants you to put quality content and play the game fair
22:53 Google recently released that by December, mobile searches will exceed that of mobile
23:35 You want to consider that to make sure that your websites run perfectly for mobile browsing
24:14 Though there are businesses who would still account for a high percentage of desktop searches
24:37 Pigeon can also niche in to all these different business types
24:59 Google algorithm is not a one size, fit all and Pigeon is a good example
25:45 There are ten of thousands of people are working on these and billion of dollars are spent for development
26:10 Another possible reason why it is called Pigeon because pigeon always fly home
26:23 Wrapping up
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27:47 Goodbyes!