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Ep. 36. Are you A Go-to-Guy?

You got the tools, got the platform, better put that knowledge into action.
You got the tools, got the platform, better put that knowledge into action.

Definitely, no one is more knowledgeable about your business. And the more people that you interact with, the more knowledge you again. Isn’t it good to know that you can now have the means to talk about it and share it with others? In this Podcast, David and David talk about how to take out that knowledge from your head and sharing it with the rest of the world.

An expert guitarist? Impeccable carpenter? Or even a starting hobbyist? Snip a photo, take a video or post an audio recording about your craft. You are not pushing sales to people but rather encourage them to you with your informative additions. You are not just the sales person we need, but the Go to Guy we want to help us with.

In this Episode

05:27 00:00 Opener
00:51 Greetings
01:30 Continents apart but got a good coverage of listeners all over the world
01:50 The cost of long distance calls a long long time ago
02:23 Nowadays, it costs nothing because of technology
02:30 Our greetings are always colourful
02:56 The internet made business people engage with their customers in more ways possible
03:02 Across the world, you can be a big player of your niche
03:26 Today, we will be talking how to become the Go-to-Guy
03:39 Let’s start from the beginning
04:01 Most people undervalue the knowledge that they have
04:15 We’re going to tell you how to unlock that knowledge and share with your customers that will help them and bind with your business
04:57 Set the agenda with the knowledge that you have with your customers
05:17 Step #1 How to get that that knowledge from your head to the hand of you customers
05:27 One way is sending out email updates with video
05:37 There is no selling but just sharing of knowledge
05:41 Always remind them for referrals
06:02 Video is not compulsory though
06:06 You to can record your voice, write an email because smoke signals may not just be as effective
06:30 There is also a way to send out these information to people not part of your database
07:10 Using a scenario with a guitar expert
07:37 It would be great if he can put up videos starting off with how to maintain your guitar
08:02 If people see you are giving free knowledge, than you are building relationships
08:10 Step # 2. How to share this knowledge
08:28 Use Facebook to post out your videos
08:49 You too can post the link in your blog, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and other social media sites
09:20 You now have a reason to promote it
09:29 It’s not just about the sales but the long time value of a customer
09:44 Like the guitar expert, if you bought the guitars from them, you most likely to buy other accessories
10:00 The expert can set up information on how to use them
11:02 With all the people coming in to your business, you too are expanding your knowledge
11:26 You become a fountain of all wisdom in your niche
11:47 There’s no standard driving medium but you can course it through different social media platforms
11:59 You too can attach with Adwords
13:31 You show credibility with the videos you are making
13:47 You build a lifetime value of a potential or existing customers
14:23 You can produce a variety of posts: Video, audio or texts
15:20 David P was very nervous when he started these podcasts but is getting the hang of it
15:57 You too can record a normal conversation with a client
16:39 Find a way to capture a customer experience
17:05 Make use of the online guides and tools
18:38 You can join forums if that is where your audience are
19:02 Your posts can promote your website
19:25 You can also tie in your marketing with print, radio or tv advertisements
20:12 You too can interview other people to build credibility
22:09 You too can record videos from different locations that you go to
23:09 Don’t be afraid to use these techniques.
24:09 But you don’t want rubbish materials
24:40 It doesn’t have to be perfect, but just be consistent.
26:29 Do it on a regular basis
27:59 It should become part of your habits
28:15 You are sunlight and I’m moon, when it comes to recording this podcast in different time zones
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29:36 All questions just deserve an answer
29:58 Goodbyes!