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EP.103. Advertising on a Budget

Effective advertising doesn’t always have to take out wads of cash from your budget.
Effective advertising doesn’t always have to take out wads of cash from your budget.

Marketing and advertising as we know it, can be costly and may go beyond your budget. But that is if you are meaning to target main media such as radio and television advertisements. But effective marketing doesn’t always have to be expensive and it doesn’t diminish the fact that they can be effective while still being on a budget.

In this Podcast, David Counsell and David Pritchard provide insightful ways on how to do your marketing and advertising without overspending. Make your online ads limit the cost per click. Talk about your products and services in print for free. Or pave the road giving out information on how you can help people with their problems with the products or services that you offer. Have a listen now and start working your way on these marketing and advertising hacks.

In this Episode

00:58 Welcome to David versus David, the podcast that talk about all marketing and advertising for small to medium businesses
02:37 Have you also been thinking how to cut your cost when you want to advertise?
03:04 Where should you spend your money if you want to advertise?
03:34 When it comes to advertising, you’ve got make sure you’re getting the best value for your money
04:02 We will talk about when can you advertise if you are on a budget
04:14 Google Adwords is a fantastic device to get your brand in front of people
04:26 With Adwords, you can restrict to a budget or target area
05:15 Adwords can also niche down to products
06:03 What are the benefits of Adwords?
07:05 What are Adwords exclusion?
08:04 How can you use Adwords if you have different advertisements?
08:48 How does budgeting works in Adwords?
09:07 Adwords though is not set and forget
10:33 Another way of budget advertising is Facebook Advertising
10:48 How similar is Facebook Advertising to Adwords?
11:13 How does Facebook database help you with your advertising?
11:43 Who gives better results: Adwords or Facebook Advertisement?
13:04 Facebook is leaning more on interest more than products
14:01 Facebook is based on impressions where as Adwords is more on the clicks
14:20 What are the limitations of Adwords and Facebook advertisement?
15:08 What are the factors affecting the effect of Facebook ads?
16:15 Getting published is also a cheap way of advertising
17:02 How do you get published?
17:43 How do you become the authority in your market?
19:42 How is giving out going to help you with marketing?
20:18 Providing your service can also be a good exposure for what you do
21:13 When you provide service or products, make sure that you can get access to their database
22:43 Why are these options cheap?
23:11 Another cheap marketing option is local listing
23:50 Also, register for local directories
24:20 You can offer your products and services to simple listings like Craiglist
25:07 Do not forget leaflet distribution
25:37 In your leaflet, describe how you can solve people’s problems
26:22 Ask businesses if you can leave your flyers in their establishment
26:52 You can reduce your advertising cost if you can do most of the hard work the job entails
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