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EP.56. Mixing the right elements for Tertiary Marketing

There’s more to your palette than primary branding. That’s tertiary advertising.
There’s more to your palette than primary branding. That’s tertiary advertising.

What is the difference between adverts on the side of a bus, the back of a bus, and the inside of a bus? Do you remember the ads you’ve seen before your favorite movie starts rolling? Are there squirrels in Tasmania? You can easily answer the second question, but allow David Counsell and David Pritchard answer the rest. Discussing tertiary advertising media, you’ll see why we’ve got a squirrel in the midst of this podcast.

There are many kinds of tertiary media: wrapped buses, billboards, handouts, giveaway pens and notebooks. “Call to action”. Just remember these three words and you’ll get your bang for the buck from these relatively low-cost advertising tools. We know you’ve seen all these but it’s time to learn more.

In this Podcast
00:00 Opener
01:04 Greetings from Paradise and the UK!
01:37 Jovial banter
02:46 Tasmania is a part of Australia
03:21 Talk on both paradises’ climates
04:11 Our topic for this week: Tertiary Media
04:31 Small businesses usually start out using tertiary media because it is fairly inexpensive
05:08 Cinema is a tertiary media (the ads that run before the main picture starts)
05:44 All advertising is good advertising
06:06 Cost per thousand: What did it cost to reach that thousand people?
06:31 Are they (tertiary) more difficult to measure compared to other forms of media?
07:21 Weather can make a difference in tertiary advertising
07:50 Winter and signage on the sides, the back, and the inside of a bus
09:01 If the message is targeting you, it is calling you to action
09:06 It’s got to be talking to the right person, in the right way
09:40 Message using tertiary media is not the same with a message for the radio
10:13 Pens as hotel souvenirs usually do not have call to action messages on the side
11:13 It’s all about the call to action
12:48 Buses covered by an advert: wrapped
13:30 There are different purposes for different types of adverts
14:10 Films and tertiary media
14:55 Cinema: low-cost advertising before film screenings
16:32 Blockbusters draw huge crowds but the numbers tend to get smaller later
17:17 You’ve got to compete with the movie for peoples’ mind space
17:56 Have a call to action message that tells the audience what you want then and there
18:38 All advertising works: it’s just having the right message, to the right person, and understanding the return that you’re going to get from that advertising
19:36 Tertiary media is not recommended for using in isolation
20:31 Don’t make the mistake small businesses make
20:48 Tertiary advertising media cannot give enough support for the multiplier effect to really kick in
21:51 Even Mcdonald’s puts call to action in its branding advertising
22:26 A diversion-type of call to action
22:50 In a relatively small business, is there a point where you start and stop using tertiary media for advertising?
23:30 Using secondary and tertiary media is like creating an echo in people’s minds
24:28 Phone directory advertising
25:05 Don’t let someone confuse you, and don’t start with a tertiary media
26:30 Wrapping up
26:48 You can find us at www.davidversusdavid.com
26:50 Or our facebook page, www.facebook.com/davidversusdavid
26:53 Look us up and leave a glowing 5-star review on iTunes
25:55 You can also visit our personal sites. David Counsell’s www.infernopromotions.com.au and David Pritchards’ www.d10solutions.com
27:00 Goodbyes!

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