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Ep.35. Lead Conversion, Have You Seen The Light?

Maneuver the leads to your customer relationship goal.
Maneuver the leads to your customer relationship goal.

When we talk of conversions, it’s not the same as the mathematical computation you used to solve back in high school. In the world of marketing, it means how to make an anonymous website visitor to a valued customer. In this episode, David and David talks about lessons you learn from a rugby game to the lessons you’ll get to apply to your website.

Does your website attracts several leads but become stagnant at that point? Want to convert that leads to a better customer relations but just don’t know where to begin? Join in the discussion and learn more. That lesson from the recent rugby game just comes in handy too.


In this Episode
00:00 Introduction
01:13 Greetings
01:33 It’s always busy in marketing
02:01 Most of marketing problems are similar
02:15 There might be only 7 problems
02:14 It is beneficial to listen to people who have experience on the matter which is us
03:02 Introduction to today’s topic: Conversion
03:21 Talking about the rugby game
04:28 Lesson from the game: If you put up lots of promise, you should live up to it
05:50 Conversion and making people go the way you want them to
06:30 You want people to go to your website and take action whether signing up or purchasing something
07:00 What makes a good website?
07:19 Not every conversion is a sale
07:51 Assessing the lifetime value of a customer
08:48 The purpose of the website is not just a quick sale
09:12 Conversion could be from your business not being spoken of to making telephone contact
09:49 3 click rule with old websites
10:03 Chain of conversions to get consecutive yes
10:57 It can be tempting to shot everything in front of the visitor
11:44 Targeting website affiliates sales
13:25 Targeting one action after the other than getting it in one go
13:46 Putting the concept in a true to life example
14:43 Putting up a different kind of value in your website
15:03 Inform the people how you can solve their problems
15:28 The squeeze page – squeezing people to a sale
15:59 The sales process revolves on HOW people buy
16:06 AIDA – Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action
17: 38 Don’t be afraid to have different pages to target different markets
18:30 Having a website don’t rule out human interaction
18:40 Human converts better because of communication
19:03 SPIN Selling – Situation, Problem, Implications and Need to pay-off
20:04 The more you provide people reasons, the more successful will be your website in converting
20:30 You should really talk to knowledgeable people in terms of website building
20:49 You’re placing the blocks not because they’re pretty but they need to stand up
21:52 Your website should be continuously tested especially for conversion purposes
22:32 Website is not meant to look pretty but to convert into sales
24:16 You got to be careful with the elements you want to include in your website
25:15 The use of sliders in websites
27:05 Just because you can put up anything, it doesn’t mean you have to use it
27:34 Specific tools for specific purposes
27:44 Apple doesn’t support flash
28:08 Wrapping up
28:56 At the end of the day, you should be able to identify your customers and clear out your message using your website
29:34 Sale begins with the end of the last sale
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29:52 We love 5-star review in iTunes
30:34 The facebook stalker
31:02 Goodbyes!