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EP. 118. The Strength of each Media

Marketing is not contained in the size shape or color. It all depends on the message, target and use.
Marketing is not contained in the size shape or color. It all depends on the message, target and use.

Marketing and advertising platforms come in all shapes, color and sizes. All of them are proven effective in their respective fields, but how do you choose which is the best for your needs?

David Counsell and David Pritchard carry on with their conversation about the strength of each media. They discussed big form Billboards to the small and handy brochures. How do you determine the right type of advertising format for you? Hop in to their discussion and get the help you’ve been longing to hear.

In this Podcast

01:03 Welcome to another episode of David versus David, the Podcast for small to medium businesses where we talk anything to about everything in marketing and advertising
02:44 Let’s continue our discussion with the strength of each media.
02:59 Let’s have a discussion about Billboards
03:09 How long have billboard been in the industry?
04:35 When to use Billboards?
05:10 How far away your signs are from the readers?
06:32 What are the types of Billboards that you can put up?
08:21 How would you evaluate the value of signs?
09:33 A-frame signs in front of shops can be considered billboard
10:06 Does your A-frame sign has a call-to-action on it?
10:59 Another thing to consider with Billboards is the cost of how much it will take for changing it
12:51 The message should be clear in your billboard
13:26 Have you been using brochures in your business?
13:45 Are there people asking for electronic brochures for your products or services?
15:27 Types of brochure
15:42 What is the purpose of your brochure and how are they going to be used?
17:34 What are brochure websites
18:20 Where are your customers and where are you?
19:42 You can check our episode where we gave an advice to a lodge in South Africa Episode 109
20:06 Is PPC or pay-per-click for you?
23:33 If you’re confused with what to use, send anyone of us a message and we’ll be glad to help
24:37 All of the media works spectacularly well, but if you pair it up with the wrong message with the wrong then it is bound to fail
25:18 Important announcement about David versus David
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Ep. 73. Everything Brochure


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