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Ep. 01. Creating customer experience with Branding

These logos are not just mere representation of the company. These are brands that customers want to be associated with. How do you make yours?

Here it is, an all-new season of David versus David! As we promised our dear listeners, we’ll have discussions that are packed with information, but with just of the right amount keeping you guided in your small to medium businesses.

For our episode, we will be embarking on an important part of your business, Branding. You must be thinking, “But, that is just for the big wigs!” Nope, certainly not. In fact, it is easier to start for small to medium businesses. Hop on board with today’s discussion and start the ball rolling to get your brand etched in your market.

In this Episode

02:19 For this week, we will be talking about Branding
02:21 Do you understand the value of a brand?
03:28 Branding is both for big and small to medium businesses
04:14 Impact of Brands to customers
04:54 A good brand gives a good feeling to the company
05:06 Big company names become a household information to people
05:47 Did you know that Apple also started as a small business?
06:24 As the company grows, the brand establishes customers’ trust
08:06 Some people think that the big stuff are just for big companies. Wrong.
08:30 People remain loyal to brands
08:40 Brand create loyal customers
09:03 How did Apple lose some of it’s customers
09:55 Apple has not necessarily sold the most number of phones but their brand is more valuable than others
10:09 The brand adds value to their products or services that people are willing to pay for
11:26 What does Branding allows you to do to increase profitability
12:26 Brands create a wave of leading products in their respective fields
12:42 How did Apple plant their seed to penetrate emerging users?
13:25 Involving your employees to the company strengthens your brand
13:41 Did you know that Body Shop started as a husband and wife’s business?
14:32 Brands also associate their products with statements or advocacies
15:59 Brands also reflect the values of the company
17:10 Small to medium companies that have a strong hold of their localities also build brands
17:57 Communicate with your customers
18:28 What you know about your trade may be known to your competitor as well but not to your customers
19:18 How does Coca-cola market their brand?
20:07 Why can’t Pepsi beat Coca-cola?
21:48 The benefits of informing your customers
22:41 Promoting Brands in small to medium businesses is easier compare to large entities
23:20 Tell your audience how you solve problems
24:41 Means to tell your audience how you can solve their problems
28:27 Here are the simple steps on how you can establish a Brand
28:47 Create an experience for your customers
29:14 Experiences give people stories that they tell to their friends and families. And that is the best marketing
30:51 Don’t just fight the bush fires in your business but create a Brand that will solve those
31:34 Next week, we’ll be talking about Google search so you better stay tuned for that
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