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EP. 57. How can shaping a positive mindset do so much for your business?

Massage those brain cells and frame the mind. Positivity can’t do anything but help
Massage those brain cells and frame the mind. Positivity can’t do anything but help

With our weekly podcast, we love to provide you with insightful tips and ideas to promote and boost your small to medium business. But we know that the road is not often smooth and can be bumpy. And time comes that we just hit the wall. In this episode, David Counsell and David Pritchard talk about framing the mindset and dealing with your lows with a positive approach.

How do you take on bad news news may be it be about your health or business? What do you do if you get burned out and cannot be productive anymore? Sometimes the first step to deal with such blocks is facing the tasks with a clearer and focused mind. Have a listen and join the discussion. You may not turn your car around that corner the same way again.

In this Podcast

00:00 Opener
01:16 Welcome to David versus David
01:28 Greetings from David Counsell from Paradise Tasmania
01:35 Greetings from David Pritchard from Paradise North, England
01:45 If you’re on a treadmill right now ask yourself, “What is wrong with your life?”
01:54 If it is a treadmill on a gym, then everything may be running smoothly with your life
02:04 Or it may be the treadmill of life?
02:17 This week, we will have a talk about mindset
02:31 David P loves talking to people and observe the people and the world
02:57 You get to hear and find out interesting stories
03:25 You can also observe how people deal with life
03:34 It’s like how you look in the glass, either half full or half empty
03:47 Some people don’t let bad things get in their way
03:55 It is in their mindset to think and act positively
04:00 David P talks about an aunt who has been diagnosed with MS
04:19 And her reaction was, “I’m not gonna let this beat me.”
04:43 It doesn’t have to affect the lives of other people and dry them down
05:00 This may apply in health, life and business
05:10 Another scenario was with an Australian girl that was diagnosed with Cancer
05:20 She said that she won’t let the disease beat her and 5 years later, she was cleared
05:27 Positivity is not the only answer
05:43 Having a positive attitude can only be of help
06:00 This can be applied in business too in order to succeed
06:15 Mindset can really help you get the most of what you do
06:23 This comes back to having a plan to re-adjusting your mindset
06:31 David C shared to him life lessons he learned from his previous boss
06:40 There are a lot of ways going to the top so don’t get upset if you take the wrong turn
07:01 Instead, get back on your feet and point to the right direction
07:08 One of David C’s philosophy is asking, “What’s the worst thing can happen?”
07:35 A lot like turning around your car in the car, checking how can you complete the turn or minimize the scratches
08:13 In business, it’s moving slightly too early or slightly too late
08:47 You can’t have yourself that bad of crash
09:13 So ask yourself, “What’s the worst thing can happen if you make this decision?”
09:49 There is opportunity in this world everywhere
10:07 Just do it and don’t over analyze
10:35 When we make decisions, we just move ahead and that removes the agony of analysis-paralysis
11:10 Gives you a focus
11:16 The positive mindset gives you the ability to take decisions that fit your plan
11:43 Just like a conversation with Yoda, there’s only yes or no
11:46 David C shares the story of the fallen tree and an apology
12:57 It is important to surround yourself with the right people and this affect your mindset
13:02 Have people whom you can bounce your idea off to know if you are making the right decision
13:10 That is the reason why business people have accountant, lawyers and marketing people
13:28 Have some time out to observe and listen more to people
13:54 Relate those to their lifestyles and try to figure out the correlation
14:17 People with the positive attitude tend to be happier, wealthier and won’t let things take them down
14:58 If all you can see is the problem, how can you spot the solution?
15:02 Don’t let the problem be the whole paramount that you see otherwise it becomes insurmountable
15:15 You can’t keep fixating on the problem
15:48 The problem is not the problem itself but the fact that they can’t get past the mental block
16:09 Everyday when you work hard, you sometimes hit the wall and some just push through to get the work done
16:38 Sometime just pushing it hard wont make a productive output
17:02 Pushing hard may make you work on a task that is just for 20 minutes of actual work in 3 hours
17:15 You just aggravated yourself and the quality ain’t even good
17:30 Having a some time off gets you recharged
18:06 The ones that refused that strategy often leaves the job or either lose passion on what they do
18:21 Limited mind set closes your chance for other opportunities
19:21 Give your permission to say, “That’s it! I’m gonna take a break and go home.”
20:34 Work on the time when you are most productive
22:03 Try to give it a go with an open mind
22:13 David P shares what he heard on the radio, about UK proposing a legislation for flexible working hours
22:43 A guy phoned in and was totally in favor and expressed the benefits
23:01 It makes the employee more motivated and wanting to do more for the company
24:24 Another caller was a small business owner and has a closed mind about the idea
24:24 One of them live in a world of opportunities and the other lives in a small wooden box
24:48 Be like water. It always flows around. You may boil it, freeze it but eventually will move to where it supposed to go
25:30 Surround yourself with positive people
25:53 Things aren’t always ideal but there’s so much that people can do it the verge of great adversity
26:17 Be positive. Stay Positive. And it can’t do anything but help
26:28 Do not confuse depression with being a bit sad
26:44 Look for your box of sunshine, enjoy unlimited opportunity and enjoy what you do
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27:28 Goodbyes from the positive Northern hemisphere and paradise south