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Ep:29 How to turn your iPhone into an iKnife

All the tools you need can be running under your smartphone’s hood
All the tools you need can be running under your smartphone’s hood

Are you now ready to step into the technology jungle and explore the great wild? In this episode, David and David share their best picks and personal favorite of application tools to get you going.

Certainly, there are several software out there that can do the different tasks that you want. But you just need the basic ones that can do most of the jobs. Have a listen to the podcast and get the best shortcut of tools that you will find handy.

In this Podcast

00:00 Introduction
01:18 Tooltime, a television show
01:49 Free tools podcast overview
02:31 Skype for online calls
03:33 Can do conference calls as long as you have the skype username
04:16 Facetime another calling tool exclusive for Apple users
04:45 Unbelievable location names
05:59 Crazy Egg, a hotspot map for your website. See where people are clicking.
08:22 Crazy egg sends reports via email
08:58 Clicky, at a glance analytics on your site
09:46 Google Analytics
10:13 Taking advantages of the trial versions
11:10 Get your webpage up and improve in the process
11:59 Email tools: Unrol. me condenses email that arrives at a certain period
12:59 Mailbox, an email client exclusive for Apple iOS
14:51 Gmail has implemented filters with tabs
16:45 Dropbox: A great storage facility in the cloud
19:10 Auphonic: A great tool especially for podcasts where audio files are leveled.
19:55 Wistia: A genius video player that tells the statistics about your videos
23:05 3 basic video editing tools: Camtasia, Screenflow and iMovie
23:17 iMovie can be installed in iPhone and export videos directly to YouTube
23:27 Camtasia is a popular choice for Windows user and Screenflow for Mac people
24:33 Screenflow allows you to add effects like the popular Ken Burns effect
26:03 Evernote: A tool that allows you to take notes and can be available to different platforms
26:07 Evernote Web Clipper: Compatible with major Internet browsers that will clip web information that you want and push it to your Evernote account
27:43 Jing: A tool to record screenshot or video of yourself with voice instructions
28:28 Adobe Photoshop is essential for photo touch ups but just gets too technical for easy tasks like picture resizing
28:37 PicResize can be a browser extension to immediately resize photos for uploads
30:04 Password management can be a real pain especially if yo maintain multiple websites
30:48 Adobe was recently hacked and so as the usernames and passwords of its subscribers
31:25 Password tools: First Pass, Last Pass and 1 Password
33:09 Mind mapping help you saves time to plan out fr your next website article
34:18 TextEdit for Mac and Notepad for Windows are excellent native tools for note taking
35:09 Basecamp helps you get in control of your project management with several other people
36:09 Podcast App go and gets your podcast for you
36:34 VoiceMemo is a native recorder in iOS to record your own voice, an alternative to note taking
36:55 Google translate helps you communicate with different people of different languages
37:43 For the other essential tools we missed, tell us
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38:36 Goodbyes!