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Ep.22. When the business back-up plans fail to back you up

Time to move out your golden eggs from their sole basket.
Time to move out your golden eggs from their sole basket.

We’ve been talking long how to promote your business and increase sales. But what’s gonna happen if at one day, the whole thing crashed to the ground. No one wants that to happen that is why in this episode, David and David talk about diversifying your business and spreading the risks.

When have you check the status of your company’s back up or have you tested different platforms for your promotions? Have a listen to this week’s discussion and learn the ways of better securing your business.

In this Podcast

00:00 Introduction
01:30 Happy people during Christmas
02:13 Shopping during Christmas season
02:44 Women are the big shoppers in December
03:32 Stereotypes debunked: Men shop earlier!
04:12 Women look more than buy from October – November
04:32 Men: See, like, buy.
05:60 David C became the primary shopper early in November
07:18 It is a busy time for advertising
07:55 Getting the right timing for advertising
08:17 Diversity of advertising
09:28 Don’t put all your ad sources in one basket
09:45 Typhoon devastation in the Philippines
10:04 Effects of flood in Thailand in the business world
11:25 Earthquake in Kyoto that increased prices of RAM
11:45 Hurricane in New Orleans
12:02 Having a back-up of suppliers
13:24 Online businesses also need diversity
13:49 Push info from facebook to your website
14:16 Facebook adding the competition making the third-party apps useless
14:50 You too can fail with your SEO strategies
16:20 Diversifying using social media
17:57 New video apps in social media
18:30 Linking YouTube videos to Instagram or Vine
19:35 People access information using different platforms
21:20 Spreading outsource around the world
22:06 Accessing the cloud and access the server
22:40 An example of a failed back-up
23:12 An inoperable business but had an effective back-up
24:52 A burnt business but retained a back-up of their financial records
25:37 Get your back-up outside the building
26:01 Spread the risks of your business
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27:16 You can reach us out and ask questions
27:38 Goodbyes!