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EP. 37. Stop. Look. Listen. Find where your customers are.

Still taking the path of  old marketing? Your customers may no longer be there.
Still taking the path of old marketing? Your customers may no longer be there.

Marketing isn’t about just producing that catchy advertisement or amazing post. It is also about posting it where your target market is, and sadly most businesses fall off from that radar. In this episode, David and David talks about looking for customers in the wrong places and how to get out of your comfort zone in terms of marketing hunt.

Have you already thought the profile of your customers in the coming years? Have you realized how community groups be a great avenue to make your business be visible? These are just some of the things you’d be considering to last in the business. Cause after all, even the largest companies can be beaten with a piece of bitten apple.


In this Podcast


00:00 Opener
01:02 Greetings
02:06 Talking about the weather
03:05 But more than the weather and other news, we mainly talk about business to help you with your marketing and advertising concerns
03:23 Otherwise, we end up in the weather channel
03:57 Let’s talk about looking for customers in the wrong places
03:59 People succumb to this because it’s the easier way out
04:06 It was 6 years ago when iPhone was released that change the game play of marketing
05:25 The time when banks close at 3 pm and no way to take money out
05:48 David P’s first interaction with a cash out card
06:31 With technology, everything moves
06:40 Looking for customers in the wrong places is a case of getting out the comfort zone and things that work in the past
07:25 Several years ago, there were larger companies supplying mobile phone devices
07:40 They lost it when they did not foresee what will the market want
07:57 Apple started the store where everyone can come in to their store, play with their devices and leave even without buying
08:35 Not many businesses asked if their customers’ profile changed
09:22 You should find ways to top up your current customers groups and keep moving
09:53 There are 3 ways to generate money for your business
09:56 No.1 – Up the cost of the purchase
10:04 No. 2 – Have more transactions per customer
10:15 No. 3 – To get more customers which should be the priority
10:35 Look for customers in different places
10:44 Ads placed in yellow pages have diminished and are considered no longer effective
11:03 Most people are on the internet but in different places
11:37 They are not just looking at your website but off looking at different sites
12:00 In real life scenario, for targeting affluent people, look at where their kids are
12:12 A client of David C sells caravan and targets to sell it to the members of the rowing groups because they are the ones most likely to own or need one
12:38 You can support their group to acquire exclusive marketing visibility
13:40 Another example is to tie-up with schools to support children’s activities
14:54 What you need to look for is an avenue to reach your target market
14:58 David P share about sponsoring for children’s games
15:42 Last year, David P’s friend sponsored the super bike team and was a success
17:02 It is the same concept why many people sponsors Formula 1
17:37 How much of the income are you willing to forgo to do something?
18:22 Of boards and business cards and the most clever of them all
18:40 A man posted not just his business card but a note telling the advantages and benefits of getting their services
20:19 Ineffective business cards will never work for you
20:22 Have a card that will also tell what you do and provide the benefit
20:48 Make it easy for people to contact you using the card, and some uses QR codes
21:20 Make coordination with different types of meetings
22:33 Do something that will advance your business everyday
23:38 David C shares about the mechanic who slips his card in the manuals of the vehicles they fixed
24:08 Open your mind where your customers are and how your business can intersect
25:07 Also, people may be looking at the internet but that doesn’t mean they are looking at the desktop
25:28 Increasingly, more people are surfing using their mobile devices and search there
25:41 So it’s important that your site can be viewed conveniently in mobile browsers
26:26 Wrapping up
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