Ep.74. SEO 101


Much like mankind, SEO came a long way from what we know today
Much like mankind, SEO came a long way from what we know today

Our day in a life possibly will not be complete without having to make at least a single Google search. It is so prevalent that yes, it has become a verb of its own. But do you imagine how searches were made during the early years of internet and how Google rise to the top? And more importantly, how can these searches help you in promoting your business.

In this podcast, David Counsell and David Pritchard give us a crash course on SEO and the basics of Google search. These nuggets of information certainly go a along for better understanding on how and why you should be optimizing your website for the benefit of search engines. So if you’re ready to know more, click on the link and start learning. There might be a good drinking game to go with it too.

In this Episode

00:00 Opener
00:47 Welcome to David versus David
00:50 Greetings from Paradise!
01:16 It has been an testing week for David P dealing with websites and internet marketing
01:48 This week, we will be talking about SEO, Search Engine Optimization
02:04 A lot of people are confused with SEO and SEM which is Search Engine Marketing
02:23 SEO is a process of optimizing your website so it can go higher up in the search ranking
02:53 Search Engine Marketing is a beast all of its own
03:37 But we will be discussing further on that next week
04:02 Optimizing your website for the benefit of the search engines
04:24 Many people think that if you mention you’re doing website, they will immediately think of web designing, Facebook ads and then think of SEO
04:58 The best search engine optimization that you can do is to solve problems for your clients cause they are also Google’s clients
05:12 If you engage in black hat, it means you are trying to beat the algorithm in it’s own game
05:32 The first search engines came out around 1993
05:39 David P first used AltaVista, the time when internet was massively small
06:09 Other early search engines include Lycos, Excite, Yahoo, Netscape and then ultimately Google which dominates the search engines today
06:46 In those early days, thy had to think what are the bases for them to return a result in the search page
07:10 They may be looking at the title of the page, first few words, keywords and metadata
07:53 People found that of they stuff their sites with keywords they wanted to rank for, they will emerge in these search engines
08:08 That was the early technique for SEO manipulation
08:19 On page factors are the ones directly in the control of the webpage masters
08:31 This may include the title, heading, keywords, description, file names and content
08:51 When Google surfaced, it’s creators Larry Paige noted that a website gained authority by the other webpages linked to that page
09:49 It is like referencing a book for your school paper
10:35 At first, it was the number of links until Google realized that the more important thing to look at is the quality of the links
11:42 The off page factors include links that point back to the website
11:55 Optimization factors to look at include the quantity and variety of links and the authority of that websites where they’re coming from
14:21 Now, what are the words in the links that point back to your website?
15:45 When people realized about the process of linking back, they then thought of a way to manipulate Google
16:43 We may have take a longer time to explain the term but this is to provide light to those starting out with SEO
17:17 But this episode might have turned out well as a drinking game for the Australian Arms Services everytime “blue widgets’ is mentioned
17:51 Now we will talk about Google as it is the predominant search engine today
18:43 People must have heard about the Google Updates: Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and the most recent. Pigeon
19:14 Early updates include the Florida and Caffeine which affected the searching experience over the last few years
19:50 Caffeine was pretty significant and put Google on drugs
22:04 When Panda came out about 3 years ago, it filtered the onsite quality
22:19 It started looking at crappy websites with poor content
23:09 It started looking for copied articles and started penalizing websites that has no in-depth quality or authoritative content
23:38 Penguin is a second filter which relates to off site factors including the links
23:54 Google started investigating on the links leading to your website and looks out for suspicious sources
25:21 They got a look out for link farms and blog networks and penalize those who are using them
27:24 You can use a tool that disvow you from using these manipulation techniques
28:51 The Pigeon update filters the local searches making it easier for searches in a specific geographical area
29:14 For SMEs, local searches are more likely to occur
30:56 That’s a little bit of basic about SEO and Google searches
31:31 Next week, will be continuing our discussion getting more in-depth
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33:06 Till our next episode, Goodbyes!