Ep.96. How to get your content shared in social media


How do you make people click on the share button in their feed?
How do you make people click on the share button in their feed?

The social media platforms arguably hold the biggest networks in the world nowadays. You get to be connected with another people by having a common contact. And with the speed of transfer of information, your content can be shared and viewed by people not in your contact list. But how would you get people to share your content and reach people beyond your immediate circle?

In this episode, David Counsell and David Pritchard talk about ways on how to make people share your content online. Have you ever put your self in the shoes of the audience to know how it feels to read your posts? Have you been trying to tailor fit your message to a one size fits all? Do not even try to mislead people as they can easily rob you off your business. So, have a listen and pick up these tips to get your content, shared, liked, reposted and retweeted.

In this Episode

00:52 Welcome to David versus David
04:42 Today’s topic is how to get your content shared online
05:59 Are you the ones who has no time, or the one who doesn’t know what to post or the one whose content is not shared?
06:23 Who are you talking to?
06:46 Do you create a message that is for everyone?
07:09 Make sure that your content is true and original
07:30 Don’t be the station that is for everyone
07:56 What does it take to make your shares successful?
08:30 Ask yourself, would you want to receive that message?
08:40 Think on what will you perceive of the person sending that message
09:08 Show people that people trust you
09:20 Do you want to put up spammy posts?
09:49Do you focus on your target market?
10:13 Can you classify your subscribers?
12:11 How do you put up a variety of posts?
12:54 Do you want to people to get tired of you everytime you fill out their news feed?
14:22 Don’t force feed something all the time
15:09 You want to make people to go to your website because it is yours
15:50 You can use social media to make people be aware of your business
16:05 Where do you put your original content?
16:23 Does your online presence has a character?
16:57 Why do politicians failed to share their message properly?
17:43 Bland messages can be used against them
19:04 If you’re not funny, don’t try to be funny. Pick another emotion
20:14 Don’t mislead people as you will burn them
20:37 Some click baiters lose business
21:11 Put yourself in the shoes of your customers to know how it feels reading your content
22:23 The use of image has increased over the years
23:13 People love clicking on a good video versus the ones that are lengthy and boring
24:16 Don’t overlook a well crafted text content
24:29 People like sharing a good content
24:52 If you put up good content, people will share it
26:05 In text formats, give them the best at the start
26:19 How would you engage your audience?
27:31 Spur your audience’s curiosity
28:00 Get your information shared and reach a wider audience
28:19 You can spend money but for organic sharing, it has to have value
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