Ep.79. Going viral with video marketing

Spread the word about your products and services in full motion picture.
Spread the word about your products and services in full motion picture.

How many talents have been discovered through YouTube? How many shares and likes does a video generate in Facebook? How many get in to the bandwagon of Instagram videos even with a 15-second long clip? It only goes to show that as technology advances and progresses, everything will start moving and that includes your marketing and advertising. And as early as now, you want to get ahead of the pack.

In this podcast, David Counsell and David Pritchard talk about video marketing and how you can make it yourself. We will be discussing about the simplest setups using the devices that we’re sure you already have. Or if you want to take the game a notch higher, you too can invest to some equipment that will provide a more professional look. And video production doesn’t only end there, as you too need to think about editing, video hosting, promotion and many others. So let’s get things in to action and start this discussion rolling.

In this Episode

00:00 Opener
00:01 Welcome to David versus David, the podcast for small to medium business owners talking about marketing and advertising
01:15 Greetings from Paradise Tasmania
01:24 Greetings from Paradise UK
01:32 Do you remember the time we had that International Change your name to David’s Day during the 1st of March?
01:57 Today, we will be talking about Video Marketing
02:05 It is becoming more and more popular and accessible
02:22 What do you need to do it?
02:32 The equipment you need are in your hands already
02:44 With a Smartphone, you can make videos with quality content to publish
03:08 We had guest Davids who were professional video makers
03:20 But now we will talk about alternative ways to making videos and putting great content to your website
03:41 These days, smartphones have high resolutions capabilities
03:59 The downside though is the poor audio because of the condenser mic
04:16 When David Counsell was first shooting his videos, he was using his smart phone with no external recording device
04:30 He was placing the camera near him, shooting at a tight shot and makes sure he projects his voice
04:55 You can also use a tripod to make the shots stable
05:19 What’s nice about Gorillapods is that you can attach them to things, like a chair for example
05:45 You also would want to position right in front of you so that you look at it directly
05:54 You should practice to assess how will you look in the video
06:20 Be aware of your surroundings, making ore there’s no lamppost sticking on your hear or any texts that can be misrepresented
06:26 Should you accidently made these funny videos, keep the,
06:36 You can make your own outtakes
06:53 If you are providing details and doesn’t have much to show, you should encourage people to look at you
07:08 You can also shoot in a plain background to reduce distraction
07:21 If you are walking around, then it will be a different
07:35 You can even attach the Gorillapod on a chair with wheels and since your arms are not include, you can push it to move with you
08:00 You can check out www.infernopromotions.com.au/latest-news to see where David C put his marketing videos and you can go as far as Day 1 to see how he was shooting using smartphones
08:23 You need to practice out how this works
08:36 Look directly on the lens of the camera because you’re trying to look to your audience
09:15 Don’t look at yourself on the screen but on the lens instead
09:38 You don’t have to record the whole thing in one go
09:48 Try to remember what you will say for 15 seconds instead of 3 minutes
09:56 You can take several shots to make this right
10:08 You can use software to edit them
10:20 Mobile phones may also have software to edit videos
10:30 David Counsell also doesn’t shoot a who length of video without making mistakes or looking away
10:44 That is why you need B-rolls or cut-away materials to put it on top of the link
11:09 Even the guys on the television make mistakes
11:33 They utilize multi-camera to cover-up for those mistakes
11:59 If you want to move up using smartphones, then you can get yourself a decent dSLR
12:05 Find one you are happy with and something that you can find easy to use
12:16 Make sure to have a good lens
12:43 David C uses a telephoto lens that gives him a good depth especially for shooting green screen
13:06 If you plan on getting serious, get a decent lighting setup
13:21 There are good packages available online that includes a green screen cloth for your background
13:28 Get a good audio recorder because even a the condenser mic of the dSlr is not that good
13:32 You can use a Zoom recorder
13:53 So for a step up on your equipment, you can have a dSLR, an audio recorder and lights
13:59 You can choose between the two: A basic setup where you don’t need to buy anything and a more professional setup
14:51 If you have a Mac, you can use iMovie for editing which is free
15:02 Recording your screen, you can use Camatasia for PC or ScreenFlow for Mac
15:28 You don’t have to be a technical wiz to use these products
15:47 For a more advanced editing software, you can use Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro
16:17 Aside from B-rolls, you can also make use of still images
16:40 You can put them straight or use techniques to blend in the editing of your video
17:23 You can edit soundtrack also and blend it all together
18:03 David P also made a video for one of his businesses for the holiday season A Christmas Tale from BlossomCo
18:59 It was promoted through YouTube and Facebook
19:44 That was an example of a good video that David P made on his own
20:08 The day that this podcast was recorded, David C made 6 recordings for his email updates all done in 40 minutes
20:32 Noddies are cutaways of people or the audience listening
21:09 Wistia is an online account where you can upload your videos as a hosting server
21:41 You can also upload your video to YouTube which is also owned by Google
22:03 David P’s video is hosted in Wistia
22:26 They also provide useful statistics about the video, on how many times it was viewed or how far people are watching the videos
23:18 David C keeps his videos to 2-3 minutes long
23:26 The edited video may just come back at around that time frame
23:50 There also a couple of other video hosting websites: Vimeo, Vzaar, DailyMotion
24:06 You want to pick where your audience is watching
24:21 You can also put your video in different sites
24:42 The main goal is to drive people from those sites back to your website
25:35 So far, we have discussed the basic set up, the intermediate setup, software and video hosting options
25:50 But there is a lot more to be discussed: How to promote the video, how to draw audience and convert them as customers, having video sequences
26:21 But we may have to hold these up for our next discussion
27:25 If you think these tips are good, take a look at our content marketing episode which can also help you provide content with your videos
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