Ep. 98. Leads generation. Finding the unknown and rekindling with the dead


Your leads may just be lying on the places you never thought they might be.
Your leads may just be lying on the places you never thought they might be.

In the course of business, it is very important that you nurture existing relationships. However, it is also a goal to continue looking for potentials clients to whom you can provide your products or services. But where would you find these corner stones of your business to turn them in to precious gems?

In this episode, David Counsell and David Pritchard talk about lead generation and communicating with your prospects. Does leads always have to come from your geographical scope? How do you start a conversation with someone you haven’t talked with for a while? You will be surprised that if you look on a different direction than where your business is situated, there might be more clients waiting for you. So how do you talk to them. Have a listen to their exchange of ideas and pick up what works best for you.

In this Episode

01:01 Welcome to David versus David, the podcast for small to medium business owners
02:43 Are you employed in a company to make money or to save money?
03:55 This week, we’ll talk about how to make leads
04:15 After you get the leads, it is then your job to convert them to become your clients
04:55 How many steps are there in lead generation?
05:12 If there are more than 3 steps, most people will give up
06:16 Many people are looking for that one-step-solve-all information
06:50 Do you need to complicate the information to complete a sale?
08:41 You have to be careful with what you are offering
08:51 Why is it important to know how to generate leads?
09:18 Never leave a room for doubt
11:02 Generating too much leads can also hurt your business
12:14 Where do you want your leads to come from geographically?
13:06 A targeted lead can be a high value lead
13:28 What is PMA or Product Marketing Area?
14:03 How can you build a lifetime value to your customers?
15:57 Have you looked in other nearby areas to see how they are being serviced?
16:39 Who are involved in the purchases or are there any people affecting the sale?
19:03 Put in to consideration the people that may be factors on the sale
21:08 Make sure hat you have the right information in the hands of the right people
21:37 You don’t need the niche part to pass on the details to the person with purchasing decision
21:56 You need to tailor your message to the right people
22:13 Survey your existing products and your customers
23:24 What is product seeding?
23:59 What can you do to make people purchase your product?
24:21 This may work with time-limited software
25:14 How many times do you need to talk to someone to bring that lead to the next level?
25:47 You can talk to people at least 3 times to maximize your clients
26:48 Time-based scarcity is one strategy that is effective
27:04 When does the lead becomes dead?
27:17 But after one has said no, can you divert it to a are you sure scenario?
27:49 How do you make a high-open rate autoresponder emails?
28:37 Don’t let the people or even the system forget you
29:19 If you have communicated for 2 years, that one is dead
29:41 Will a questionnaire work for you to put the right information in front of your readers?
30:42 But how do you re-engage with people you haven’t touched base on for a while?
31:30 A long-term purchase can work differently in rekindling leads
32:10 There is definitely a lot to talk about lead generation but e may have to park it for a while and come back to it sometime in the future
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