Ep.97. What are your customers’ reasons for buying?


It’s not just about why people would buy from you but why do they buy in the first place?
It’s not just about why people would buy from you but why do they buy in the first place?

It’s not just about why people would buy from you but why do they buy in the first place?

If you are industry that provides services or goods, you need to learn the ropes of marketing and advertising to encourage people to buy from you. But how can you offer something if you do not understand why people need to purchase? In this podcast, David Counsell and David Pritchard discuss about the reasons why people buy.

If one is hungry, he’d certainly buys a food. Or if one needs to relax, she may choose from the various options of relaxation available. But how does one choose from all products or services that are being offered. A reason for buying is in fact more complex than a cause and effect. As a business owner, you should know that. Have a listen and join their discussion to know more.

In this Episode

01:16 Welcome to David versus David, the podcast for small to medium business owners
05:02 This week, we’ll talk about why people would buy your products or services
06:07 People would think of a cause and effect for their reason but there’s more to it
06:32 One reason people buy something is to make more money
07:01 It refers to stuff that you buy for your business like marketing services or website
07:23 It is like putting your money in the bank where you are buying their service
08:00 You are buying advertising to make more money
08:05 Another reason of purchase is to make someone look younger
08:18 Health and wealth is insanely profitable business
09:51 Sometime products of different values do the same thing, but why do they feel different for you?
10:42 Statement and prestige mark is another underlining reason for purchase
12:03 Are these people merely posers or there’s a satisfaction they get from it?
12:18 Why will people buy expensive art pieces?
13:10 Can the same feeling be achieved if you’re buying something as practical as a hammer?
13:50 But there are also some people who feel the need to buy because of envy
15:25 Yet, other people don’t mind buying something expensive as long as it made them feel good
17:15 Owning a piece of equipment in a competitive industry not only allows you to do the job but says something about your business and how you keep up with technology
17:45 Some purchases make you save time or do things more efficiently
18:32 People buy to avoid criticism and trouble
18:51 Why do you think people buy flowers?
21:05 Some people advertise in different formats that try to cater to all groups pf people. Is that effective?
22:34 Clustering your products can be more effective in helping people decide with their purchases
22:48 Another reason for buying is efficiency and organization
23:18 Security is another major reason why people buy
25:43 People need to feel safe and protected and that applies to their business as well
27:18 Some people buy stuff because they want to be trendy and this operate in a wide scale
28:34 Why do you think people flock in to but Apple products like iPhone and iPod?
30:29 In line with being trendy, attracting the opposite sex is also a factor in buying
32:03 In the food business, what is the reason why people buy and not just to satisfy their hunger?
33:16 There are certainly a number of reason why people buy something that is why you have to look at your products or services individually
33:32 Knowing what you sell and the reason why people buy will help you target your customers
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