Ep. 92. Does your website pass the Google test?

Time may come that webmasters no longer design for desktop view but mobile only. Better be prepared now.
Time may come that webmasters no longer design for desktop view but mobile only. Better be prepared now.

Have you actually checked how your website looks like on a mobile device? Are the fonts not too small? Are the spacing and links still clickable or get in the way for fatty fingers? Does your text spill on the viewable sides? Or does your website actually looks like a shrunken version of it’s desktop counterpart? If you have answered no in at least one of these criteria, or worse all, then pretty soon your website will be like non-existent.

On April 21, 2015, Google will implement changes that will favor more on the mobile-friendliness of websites. You see, Google doesn’t usually makes announcement because they just expect everyone will eventually follow. But when they announce 2 months in advance, you better listen. Join in the discussion to better understand what we are talking about.

In this Episode

01:53 What happened to your website?
02:01 Something is about to happen to your site and we will explain about that
02:12 Last, week, we talked about content marketing and gave you a preview of our today’s discussion
02:45 How does your website appear on mobile?
03:15 Page ranking on mobile devices is a huge topic
03:34 Web browsing has changed over time
03:49 Is your website mobile-friendly?
04:05 In February, Google announced that they will implement changes on April 21, 2015
04:40 Google doesn’t make announcements about changes because they just roll it out
04:50 But this time, they want to make sure all webmasters are informed
05:00 Website mobile-friendliness will be used as a category for ranking and search results
05:18 Websites should be optimized for mobile browsing
05:31 Does your site qualify in this new criteria?
05:42 You don’t want to let your webpage slide backwards because of this
06:12 So what are the things Google look for mobile viewing?
06:52 Google provided a tool to check if your site is compatible for mobile
07:33 Do you know where most people do most searches, laptop or mobile?
08:55 Will the time comes that people will stop designing for websites and start only for mobile?
09:23 Desktop look may bot be the primary criteria how a website looks like in the coming months
09:44 Google wants to provide the best experience for the user
09:50 Google also want to provide the best search results
10:05 They also check the site’s speed and how it looks like
10:37 Google is concerned on the device users are using to search
11:21 Have you been offered to have a website that is only for mobile viewing?
11:35 Do you have a .mobi sub domain?
11:55 Website that isn’t optimized for mobile looks cramped in smaller screens
12:24 Some old landing pages gave options if you want to see the desktop or mobile version of the site
12:37 Does this kind of web obstruction help the user?
12:45 Google like to simplify things
12:49 Do you have a responsive website?
14;08 If your website is older than 2 years, you are most likely affected with the change
14:33 Have you checked if your website will pass the mobile-friendliness test?
14:41 Google provided a tool to verify how mobile-friendly is your site
15:40 Go to: www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly
15:31 Is your website taking too long to be checked?
16:24 Why is Google keep on changing the rules?
17:30 Again, Google is all about the user experience
17:55 Google approves of your site if it is viewable accordingly on a mobile platform
18:34 Have you actually checked your site in a mobile device?
20:15 Why would people look up your site on a mobile device?
20:30 Are your address and contact details easy to find in a mobile view?
21:20 People have shorter attention span that affects their browsing practices
21:40 If people don’t get find what they want instantly on your site, they will return and never return
22:35 Google is also afraid that people will change to a different search engine
23:21 People are out and about finding things using their mobile devices
25:01 Users are now into 2-screen viewing
26:20 Go and find out if you will pass the Google test
27:09 Verify if your site is user-friendly on mobile
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28:30 Don’t let this update change your website ranking as if it doesn’t exist