Ep.88. Are you guilty of these common marketing mistakes?

If you’re copying your competitor’s ad, how sure are you they’re not copying from somewhere else? Avoid these marketing mistakes.
If you’re copying your competitor’s ad, how sure are you they’re not copying from somewhere else? Avoid these marketing mistakes.

With the multiple platforms, strategy and mechanism to implement a marketing and advertising, it is easy to commit any of the common mistakes. That is why you should always be in the look out to make sure you are not committing any of these irksome errors. In this episode, David Counsell and David Pritchard talk straight to the point in discussing the incorrect strategies may business owner apply in their marketing plans.

After the ad is presented, have you stated what the customers should do next? Are you actually selling the benefits or just plainly stuffing it out with features? Your message may be totally unclear, in thought and presentation? These are just the usual pitfalls to waste money in marketing. Not to mention putting your dough to someone who promised to make the best out of it. So grab your papers and pens, boys and girls, and better listen to get your strategy straightened.

In this Episode

00:00 Opener
01:17 Welcome to David versus David, the podcast for small to medium businesses
01:26 Where we talk all things about marketing, advertising, business, internet and all that stuff you’re constantly thinking to make your business grow
01:39 Greetings from UK
01:50 Greetings from Tasmania
02:03 Everything is good in the far side
02:11 Winter is coming in Australia and daytime savings will soon be off
02:28 Weather in UK though is great as days are getting brighter
02:55 We will be talking today about common mistakes people do with their advertising
03:19 Those mistakes in advertising can be very expensive
03:31 In radio or tv, you’re paying hundreds of dollars per seconds
03:33 In print ad, you’re paying hundred of dollars per centimeters square
03:42 And it is the same with social media
03:44 Let’s discuss how you can avoid these common marketing mistakes
03:56 #1 – Not putting call to action in the ads
04:06 Until you are not changing it, it is a mistake
04:13 What is the person supposed to do at the end of it?
04:25 You ought to know for putting up that ad
04:38 You should tell the people what to do
04:56 Ads is not about being beautiful but they got to sell products
05:11 It will not sell if there is no call to action
05:25 You can do branding and call to action at the same time
06:27 There is a number of common mistakes in advertising and many are found on Facebook
06:50 It’s not the account that has the most number of likes wins
06:56 Facebook is just a medium to talk to a lot of people
07:09 What Facebook wants you to do is to pay to reach the people you paid to create or to reach an audience that haven’t liked your page
07:23 Stop doing them and send them to your webpage instead
07:50 It would be better if you can make people sign up in your database and then you can market to them without using Facebook
07:54 Facebook is somebody else’s platform and it’s not yours
08:18 #2 – Not putting benefits in your ad
08:30 People don’t buy features but they are more interested, what’s in it for me
08:41 Features are intellectual justification
09:30 Give them the benefits because people are buying from personal desire
09:42 To say the benefit, state the feature and then add “which means for you…”
10:08 Some people may approach you and tell that they are marketing experts but that’s a waste of money
10:37 Instead, call David C in Inferno Marketing and Design and they will look out that money for proper marketing
10:47 #3 – Unclear messages
10:56 If you are referring to typeface also, use the proper font
11:11 Stop using Comic Sans and other silly fonts
11:22 Use a serf fonts because the pointy edge does something the people to nicely glide and read your message
11:47 If they read it thoroughly, then there is a chance they will follow through with the buying cycle
12:02 The layer, format and overall presentation in print and web stuff all has to be clear
12:25 They have to be simple and cluttered and in the right order
13:05 If it s a print ad, web page or even Facebook, if use a picture or video, put a description in it so people will be aware of what they are looking at
13:47 People will not buy if they don’t immediately understand the ad
14:08 It is the same with the webpage that is difficult to navigate
14:34 #4 – Complicated webpages
14:56 Have a clear introduction about your business to get your message across quickly
15:31 #5 – Information overload
15:37 You don’t have to tell them everything
15:32 You can break them up and give them in pieces
15:57 You can have your sales people answer their queries
16:06 #6 – Long copy
16:13 If a long copy is not called for, don’t do it
17:36 #7 – Ads that are too similar to what your competitor is making
17:50 Grow up and stop doing that
18:15 You don’t know that they are just making a split testing
18:42 You may be copying their wrong strategy
18:51 You may be copying ads that are copied from somewhere else
19;10 You lose your identity and don’t create a value in the mind of the customers
19:57 #8 – Bigging up your company so it looks bigger than you are actually are
20:02 There is no problem with aspiring to be bigger but there is a limit
20:32 If people go to you and find what they are not expecting, you may burn all the customers you have
22:52 If you are bigging up, give out the benefits why
22:56 There is no benefit for the customers, you might just be blowing up your ego
23:19 It’s not about you but about the customers
23:39 Many people big themselves up without the real authority
23:43 hey sometimes cheapen themselves and project a bad image of their business
24:21 Many have scrimp on design causing an ugly ad and making their image a cheap one
25:14 You got to look at your implementation and how many times are you going to use it
25:30 Think of how you can use it again
25:43 Then you start to lower the actual cost of that ad
26:11 Don’t make it look like you are a steptoe
27:22 #9 – Big logos
27:31 Big logos don’t mean more sales
27:42 Logos belong at the bottom of the ad and at the top should be a killer headline
28:28 Remove stuff from the ad that is not necessary
28:38 Wrapping up
29:16 Headline grabs your attention
29:23 Content tells why you need the product
29:29 Call to action makes the customers do something about it
30:11 Just to add, #10 – Don’t use reverse copy
30:17 That is when you use white text over a dark background and designers like it so much
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