Ep.85. Benefits, questions and reasons. In writing subject lines, let me count the ways

From the tens or hundreds of email your client receives, how do you stand out?
From the tens or hundreds of email your client receives, how do you stand out?

Making use of your database for email marketing is like having a pot of gold. But unless the recipients open the email and read through, then they remained unpolished stones. The first thing they get to see aside from your email address is the subject line. How can a group of words hook your readers and get encouraged to read more? In this podcast, David Counsell and David Pritchard have an interesting discussion about writing subject lines and how you can have a higher open rate with your email marketing.

Sure enough, you have a great article that informs and provide people with helpful data. But how can you engage with the readers if your emails are never opened or worse, sent directly to the trash folder? There are in fact 17 creative ways of writing your subject lines and we will be talking about the first half here. We will be talking about reasons, benefits, questions, testimonials and whole other stuff that will make your readers wanting for more. So, have a listen today or read through our complimenting article to get your ideas flowing.

In this Podcast

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03:08 This week, we will be talking about email subject lines to increase your open rate
03:19 If you are sending emails out, you want those emails to be read
03:24 It’s the hook that drags people and gets them to engage
03:39 You want to discuss with them
04:09 So how do you write the email subject and get them to read the whole thing?
04:14 We got a few different types of headline
04:21 We had a list of 17 samples here but we know that we wont be able to discuss them all here in one episode
04:37 So here are the samples of email subject lines
04:40 #1 – Reason why subject email lines
04:42 It convinces the person to do something
04:50 Ex: 5 reasons why you should be doing emails that got decent subject lines
05:06 There has to be a benefit there
05:31 Reasons are powerful
05:33 You should test both, the positive and the negative headline to see where your audience response to better
05:41 It depends on who you are talking to
05:57 David P shares how he started a 5-6 business with somebody because of an email headline
06:06 It was an AdWord that casts out a query of potential software that he was about to buy
06:15 Something like “Don’t buy this without reading this” type of email
06:24 But when you read through, it is actually a very good product
06:36 It is very effective
06:46 In the right segment of the market, they work very well
06:59 We already talked about segmenting the email list
07:12 If you’re working on a segmented email list, you can split test to your audience to figure out if there are significant differences
08:00 David C talks about a business that sends the same email to everyone in his list
08:25 David C advised that you can target them separately
08:34 It would be easier of you’re working on email
08:49 #2 – Make sure that your subject line deals with the benefit
09:03 People intellectually justifies with features but what they buy is actually the benefit
09:18 David C talks about the cooking school who sends out email recipes to attract people to attend his classes
09:33 He is sending out 10 Barbeque recipes
09:40 you can say “The top 10 barbeque sauces you can make in under 10 minutes”
09:52 The benefit is quick
09:59 You can also target healthy
10:29 The benefit is there
10:43 Plain facts are not just engaging
10:53 Weight loss is a big business in the internet
11:07 Diet is not enticing
11:14 Weight loss is the benefit and enticing
11:43 The diet is the feature but it can also be positive
12:09 You can turn a feature to a benefit easily
12:12 You can state the feature and attach this, “which means for you”
12:17 Ford focus parks on it itself which means for you, you can get to tight parking spots you can never do on your own
12:38 #3 – Question subject lines
12:45 If you raise query that makes people think, it should stimulate their curiosity that makes them want to find the answer
13:06 Think of how many ways you can raise that question
12:15 Send different types of questions to different segments and see which got the most open rate
13:28 They really do work well
13:33 You may know the answer already but you want to know if people agree with you
13:52 You want to know if you are doing the right thing
14:14 They make you want to do so many things
14:24 #4 – testimonials
14:38 You take the credibility of someone else
14:41 It is effective if you’re trying to overcome the suspicion of one person
14:52 It is great if you can have someone who has a profile
15:0 Or you can use general people
15:18 It can be as easy as using a group
16:00 People like this validation or social group inclusion
16:15 #5 – How to subject line
16:25 It allows you to test and measure and is linked to benefits
17:35 People often type how-to questions in Google searches
18:04 People always look for answers
18:24 It is a mix of curiosity and question
18:30 #6 – Fascination subject lines
18:43 This is the type that often begins with “Discover the answer to”, “Find the secrets to…”
18:52 People want to know what are people are doing and what they can do to succeed
19:11 You’re driving the people to the answers of their questions
19:30 This type of headline is getting the rounds in Facebook with titles like “What this guy did next is amazing”
19;36 You want to find out what he did next and you’re lead to the website
20:06 – #7 News subject lines
20:09 People always want to be at the forefront of information
20:19 If you can deliver news to them, that’s gonna be quite enticing
20:33 It allows you to be a go-to-guy
21:11 You may share knowledge that you know yourself
21:35 You’re giving people points in their social life by knowing ahead before many people
21:53 # 8 – Personalized subject lines
22:06 You can do this personalized through automated system
22:22 It will grab people’s attention because they do not expect it
22;40 If you think you have overuse any type of subject lines, split test it
23:04 You can also combine any of these things
23:30 #9 – Targeted subject lines
23:34 You can put in the subject lines group of people who’s most likely your target e.g. Ford focus users
24:22 #10 List subject lines
24:33 People likes list and you can mix it with other types
25:45 Wrapping up
25:54 Why don’t we continue this to the next episode
26:13 Something that is worth highlighting id the power of email marketing
26:20 If you have an email list, that is a potential gold mine
26:44 Email marketing, despite all the changes, is still an incredibly effective tool
27:01 Don’t be boring
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