EP.82. Getting in the business sphere with LinkedIn


If you’re changing profiles as if you’re changing clothes, then in LinkedIn’s circle, you got to suit up.
If you’re changing profiles as if you’re changing clothes, then in LinkedIn’s circle, you got to suit up.

Are there any cat videos on LinkedIn? Unlike facebook and twitter, LinkedIn has a serious and formal impression and is generally used as an online resume. It is where you put your skills, credentials, and other people’s endorsements of you. How can you utilize this platform as a marketing tool? This week, David Pritchard and David Counsell talk about the proper usage of LinkedIn and how it can help you gather people that can be beneficial contacts to your business.

On this podcast, we’ll hear them talk about LinkedIn and how general marketing strategies apply to it, how you can easily and effectively setup your profile, and several celebrity names that just pop up in their discussion. It’s been said that everyone is just six degrees of separation apart from each other, and on this podcast, you’ll see through that your contact lists. And do check your calendars for March 1st.

In this episode

00:00 Opener
00:56 Welcome to David versus David, the podcast for small to medium business owners
01:23 Greetings from Hobart, Tasmania and the UK
01:49 David Counsell feels good and healthy, so please stop sending him interesting medical letters
02:23 And thank you for the birthday card
02:41 This week, we’ll be talking about LinkedIn, which is often bundled in the terminology of social media
02:55 LinkedIn is more of a formal social media platform unlike Facebook
03:12 It is a business-to-business style tool
03:22 It is a great way for business people to communicate with other business people and potential business customers
03:43 But it is not necessarily an easy tool
03:53 It’s social proof: a great way to prove credibility
04:01 LinkedIn works by letting you find a person and having that person’s connections open to you
04:14 It’s like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon: you’re only six people away from anyone, anywhere
04:24 David Counsell’s LinkedIn profile has more than 500 followers
05:04 For example, in the last 90 days, his profile has been viewed by 48 people
05:30 “Most of them are good business people, so it’s not like I’m being checked out by people who won’t be of genuine use to my business”
06:04 The purpose of LinkedIn is not social indulgence
06:11 How do you use it to attract leads? Are there methods to maximize the number of people that find you there?
06:40 Yes. For example, this podcast will be placed in every group that David C is a member of when it is ready to be published.
06:53 To establish credibility, but also, share information that is going to start a conversation
07:01 As an example, if you are on facebook and you are going to start a conversation about the movie, Inception, you would put a post up there and your friends would talk to you about it
07:14 On LinkedIn, most of the conversations with people relate to asking advice, how to do things, or have help about certain things
08:10 One of the things David C does is set up his LinkedIn profile properly
08:26 There is video explaining who we are and what we do, treating the profile like a resume
08:57 You’re creating your authority just on your profile alone
09:04 Treat your profile like its content. Don’t just say, “Hey, I worked here.”
09:18 For example, David C is planning on adding his airchecks for a part of his profile on him previously working as a radio announcer
09:47 If he can find a way to add a photo of him in university days, he would also include that on his profile
09:55 It’s engagement (David Pritchard would love to see that photo)
10:12 Something else that you can do in LinkedIn is getting people to endorse you for skills
10:18 From memory, you can have 49 or 50 different skills that people can endorse you for
10:33 LinkedIn also puts the pictures of the people that endorsed your skills
11:00 It’s basically a marketing tool for your profile and qualifications
11:20 There are also groups in LinkedIn
11:57 Everything is about finding out more about other people and then reaching out to them, and to offer them some assistance
12:30 An example: a business counted 70+ different services that are offered; how does a client know of them?
13:22 It’s not about how much money you make, it’s about how much assistance you can provide
13:48 They’ll remember that fondly for the next time
14:01 Engagement, engagement, engagement
14:09 David P thinks that he has not made a great deal of use of his LinkedIn profile as a marketing tool
14:22 People sending blog article links (not necessarily written by them): is that a tool or a tactic?
14:53 It is an over-used tactic because there’s so much of it going on
15:15 An example where this kind of tactic is useful
15:29 Original or even interpreted content is unbeatable
15:37 Rather than copying and pasting something, why not interpret that article into a different way of looking at it as something more focused that would help people look at your business
16:02 The original author of the article is the authority, not the person that sent the link
16:23 Gary Vaynerchuk: with his credibility in the marketplace, he could just regurgitate information in series of links and people would read it, but he creates original content
16:53 He would reinterpret someone else’s content and explain why he believes this is something you should do and how you can take advantage of it
17:17 Another example: Seth Godin
18:24 Another chat about Gary Vaynerchuk
18:44 You can schedule LinkedIn content with Infusionsoft
19:19 If you are making content, target who you are making the content for
20:13 LinkedIn encourages this focus, perhaps accidentally
20:27 LinkedIn both considers the quantity and quality of your contacts
20:41 A thousand contacts doesn’t make you a celebrity in LinkedIn
21:31 You don’t want to trouble your other contacts (especially famous ones) with people that follow you for the wrong reasons
22:03 There’s got to be a purpose for making that connection when it comes to social media
22:19 “What are you going to add to the community that we are part of?”
22:42 Consider building your own group and engage a community that way
23:10 How do you encourage people to join that group?
23:22 You’ve got to go and generate content, and then start inviting people
23:49 Other strategies?
23:54 Nurture the relationships; don’t just see it as a number
24:24 There doesn’t seem to be cat videos on LinkedIn
24:39 Do things that would pique their curiosity; do things that would add to their lives
24:44 Life is about sharing
24:46 Make offers or free downloads
24:53 Sell to the people that you are communicating what is valuable to them, not how wonderful you are
25:06 As with all marketing, it’s about them, not about you
25:33 David P’s example about this
26:26 “Allow them to taste the milk, you don’t want to give them the cow.”
26:44 You want to get people to think about what you said and engage with you to find out more
27:02 David P is considering of properly utilizing LinkedIn as a resource just like David C
27:28 If you’ve got questions about it, reach out to us through LinkedIn
28:03 On the first of March, just for that day, we should all change our names on social media into “David”
28:29 Wrapping it up
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29:32 Goodbye from David Pritchard from the UK
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