EP. 76. Planning the year ahead for your website

Have you actually have a plan of making a plan for your business? You can start now.
Have you actually have a plan of making a plan for your business? You can start now.

2014 is ticking faster this time of the year and we surely feel the year ends as we get to hear countdown reviews may it be about music or the economy. You may also be thinking of getting yourself a new diary and writing your annual resolutions. And for whatever reason, your business shouldn’t be spared from the planning. David Counsell and David Pritchard emphasize the importance of planning for the year and in this episode, we will be focusing on the points that you can do for your website.

Have you any plans of updating your webpage and this by all means not just the look but the actual contents? Have you though how your customers are searching for you? And if you jump in to social media, how do you think of connecting with your community? Are you eager now to use the automated systems for your website? And not only that, how do you plan for the growth of your business? These are just some of the queries that we’ve answered for you. And yes, this may be timely to do a recap but you know that we do share this information on a weekly basis. So should you. Have a listen now and start planning ahead.

In this Episode

00:00 Opener
00:58 Welcome to David versus David, the podcast for small to medium business
01:22 Greetings from UK
01:28 Greetings from sunny Tasmania
01:47 To our weekly regulars, they sure know about our usual topics of greetings: weather and cricket
02:14 There sure are difference of weather from these different sides of the world
02:42 It’s the end of the year, heading for New Year and time for reflection
02:59 We will be discussing about preparing for the New Year
03:11 David C shares that when he was then attending seminars as an employee, he gets bored about this stuff
03:29 But this is the good stuff
03:32 the planning that you do at the start of the year can add you more fortune
03:55 You can’t exactly the same growth
03:59 You should be looking for ways to be better
04:25 This is one that you wouldn’t want to miss
04:31 We will be covering about planning for your webpage as it is an important starting point
04:44 Look at the copy of your website if there are any updates
04:55 Stop thinking as an owner and think as a customer and you want to find answer to your questions
05:22 Searches now include collections of keywords like “how to..” or “where to”
05:47 Add new content and it’s not just about changing the look for your home page
06:09 You do not want to change a good homepage just because
06:30 You should be planning out where and how you can add content
06:51 Google is continuously evolving and prefers longer queries
07:37 Google doesn’t care about the look of your website but it should be targeting your customer
08:01 Don’t play the Google game but focus on how you can help your customer
08:34 Make use of alternate text as you should be missing a great way for optimizing your webpage
09:11 For SEO, make sure you have good page titles, headlines and great content
09:36 Stick on the phrases that are appearing on Google
09:51 Look if these will generate traffic
10:00 Review your Google Analytics and see where you get the most visits
10:44 Lead people in to your website
10:55 Google wants your customers to stay longer on your website
11:48 Place related things closer
12:05 SEO is not just something that you do and leave behind
12:17 It is a constantly changing process
12:46 In the new year, embrace Social media
12:54 But don’t put all your information but use it to lead people to your website
12:09 Work that relationship and become part of a community
13:24 A shout out to ARB Hobar www.facebook.com/arbhobart
13:42 We are posting for them but they are also posting themselves and they love their community
14:31 Find what they are interested in
14:53 They have 2000 likes but they don’t focus on the numbers of their fans but focus leading them to their main website
16:00 You don’t want to shotgun people with your messages
17:29 It is indeed easy to get distracted but don’t let that become your patter
17:50 It is a good time to do a review but do it often
18:23 Test and measure, that should be your mantra
18:45 Many employees are winding down when December kicks in and start slowing down
20:53 So while everyone else is dwindling down, you should jog more to et ahead of the game and have your competitors a hard time catching up
21:09 Just because it is a good time to plan out, it doesn’t mean you should slow down
21:22 Reviewing should be include all year throughout
21:42 if you want to have a good lifestyle, you cannot slow down
21:57 It’s not working harder, but working smarter
22:41 Stop doing thing over and over again. Automate
22:53 Make use of autoresponder
23:24 Start building a database
24:10 Even if your website has a low number of visitors, it will be great to capture their information
24:37 It means adding extra thousands of dollars to your business
25:58 It is easy to build assets to disseminate people to your contact list
26:57 Having an automated system is just absolute brilliant
27:16 Work less in your business and work more on your business
27:40 Empower your staff to make decisions
27:57 Focus on thinking about your business
28:56 Provide constructive criticisms for them
29:10 Review everything
30:05 Look at all the things may they be working or not
30:59 It is a good thing to relax but find at least an hour daily to do it
31:22 Wrapping up
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